I CHOOSE A LIFE OF SERVICE! Is The Event’ happening on 14Jan17 – The Signs Are There


11 January 2017


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This morning I was made aware of my dad’s presence behind and supporting me. Now I can feel him and the tears are rolling!:-)

My other confirmation was yesterday when a friend said that she saw her Aunty inside her reflection in the mirror.

To me that makes two confirmations that deceased, loved ones are showing themselves to their living, loved ones here in Perth, Australia.

Looks like our loved ones have all come back to support us in this transformation that is about to occur.

“I was rocked the other day with what I felt to be a reversal of the gravity field on new years day around 11. It nearly knocked me off my feet. I broke out into multiple bodies, at least four or five all standing with me. I felt the ground shake for several hours with aftershocks.”

The Blue Avians told Corey Goode that when The Event/Energy Wave was almost upon us, we would get reports from all over the world of deceased, loved ones visiting the living.  “By this, you will know that it is almost upon you”.

This is the beginning of the New Golden Age that Cobra is calling NEW ATLANTIS!

The veil is an energy grid that extends 8.6 miles up from the surface of the planet. Its function is to block access to most of what is inside of us. It has been mined and latched with booby traps which are being deactivated before The Event can happen.   This frequency fence that blocks us, is ending, and is being replaced now with what Cobra is calling The NEW ATLANTIS ENERGY GRID.

At some point during or after the event, that part that is unconscious will become conscious again. It contains all of our past lives and memories and our 4D/5D/6D? abilities.

I have noticed that telepathy and synchronicity are increasingly present in my life. And for others around me too!

“We have been contained to only 2.3% of what looks to be an IMMENSE brain capacity.”-Kent Dunn

The event will allow the world to change. The Event will allow the GCR/RV, NESARA/GESARA, New financial system, new government, New free energy tech, replicators (advanced 3d printers), food clothing and shelter for the entire planet.

To my knowledge, The Event is not Ascension, but there are many entanglements in the understanding and unfolding of both of these events.


The earth has chosen us, “The Humans”, as her ‘Chosen People’ the hu-mans are the ones that Gaia wants to take with her into Ascension through 4d and into 5d, maybe more.

We are an ascension planet, we have been since 2012. Ascension started on 22Dec12, at the end of the Mayan Calendar. The best guesses I have heard are from David Wilcock and Corey Goode and put ascension at 2018.

At the ascension event, The Energy Wave will hit us and upgrade our DNA(Chrystaline DNA?) and blast the last remnants of the dark from around us, inside us, above us, and below us.

The energetic upgrade will ripple out into the universe via the DNA that we all share with each other. We will be the first souls to ascend with bodies in this universe. We Hu-mans feel things so very intensely here on this planet. This has been used against us and is our greatest strength.

I think that we might still have about a year to go until ASCENSION really takes off. Because my feeling is that it will take a year to prepare us all for it. But, just in case it does go off at this time, I will leave you with the tips that I learned.

REMEMBER TO BREATHE AND GO WITH THE FLOW! This is what I was told, and it really helped when I got snagged by ‘The Fear’/‘The Unknown’… I had the thought there ready, “Just Breathe and watch what happens!”, and I did, and it passed, and became ever so much more wonderfully!:-)

7 billion souls have incarnated here from all over the place to watch and take part in this wonderful transformation that is almost upon us.


Here is my up-to-date best guess timetable for these coming events

The Event:  14Jan17

Ascension): early? 2018



3D is all about “Choosing in the Dark!” We have to make the choice between the negative path or the positive path, and we have to do it with no memory. The positive path is about “Service to Others”, while the negative path is about “Service to Self”. Both take you down a different path to the realisation that “WE ARE ALL ONE”. This realisation happens in early 6D or the entity becomes so compacted that it loses all contact with the rest of the universe, and ceases to be(for all intents and purposes).


This is the application of that choice as I see it.

I continue to say these words out loud(3D) and inside(4D/5D) to bring this energy into the 3rd and 4th/5th dimension and ground it here.

It really feels like the energy’s have ramped up. Every time that I declare a “I CHOOSE A LIFE OF SERVICE!”, I feel the energy change dramatically inside me/inside all of us. I even sobbed once when I said it out loud. I guessed that that was because there is no greater mission for a service oriented person like myself.

I ask you to try it.


I feel that this will help us gather momentum as we head towards The Event.

The goddess energy is returning. The mother energy is rising.

Be in Joy, and know you are Blessed!:-)


Brian Hyland


I CHOOSE A LIFE OF SERVICE! I carry the hope for those that cannot hope yet!

And Remember: ‘THE DARK SERVES THE LIGHT’ always! (Even when they forget)

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