The Mandela Effect Seems To Be Happening Now

15Jan17 By Brian Hyland (UPDATED)

It has been a bumpy ride for the last two days. Is anyone else feeling this?

Around midnight for the last two nights it felt like it got very, very bumpy. Last night especially, just after midnight, was particularly bumpy. I had to take myself to bed to sleep through it:-)

It feels like that we are being held on a razor’s edge. Any stray thoughts are manifesting into reality and playing out immediately. Freewill feels like it has tightened up to the point where there is no Kharma bank for us to bank our behaviour, good or bad, and maybe cancel it out before it bites us. This does not seem to be happening any more, we seem to be experiencing instant kharma. We should be able to watch the chaos agents collapse in on themselves with their own created chaos.  And then, I guess, they will move away from us.

The Blue Avians(BA) from the Sphere Being Alliance(SBA) have told us that that WE are co-creating this together.


So keep your alignments tight, keep your integrity tight, and operate from your heart! Because your head is not working very well now I imagine(like my head). Be kind to each other. That will have HUGE benefits to our personal relationships and get as much rest as you can.

My information is that The dark is coming to an end. The experiment with the primary anomaly is almost over. We have to “Choose in the Dark”, as David Wilcock so elegantly puts it:-) The Law of One(BA) states that we have to choose to be Service To Others(STO) or Service to Self(STS).

” I choose a Life of Service!”

Then, I guess, we get to go down that path, but not together anymore.

The Dark are 25 years beyond their contract to return to the Light, and The Guardians have returned to enforce the contract. They call themselves the Sphere Being Alliance. The SBA is five different races of beings ranging from the 6th to the 9th dimension(Golden Headed Beings, Blue Spheres Blue Avians), 2 of which have yet to show themselves. They will be our mentors after the Event/Energy Wave/Solar Sneeze. There is also the Metal Spheres that have recently arrived in our system. Probably transport pods for us to return to our galactic families afterwards

There is a good reason why seven billion people are here now to be a part of this. The effect will go Galactic through our shared DNA. I suspect that the effect will ripple out through time and space, past and present. As “some of our galactic cousins that we are trading with now haven’t even met us yet!”

This will take as long as it takes to get there. We are co-creating this Effect with our Co-Creative Consciousness and it will happen when our Co-Creative Consciousness achieves the required vibration/frequency.

Image result for golden future

My vision of our Golden Future involves a world that takes care of its family, to the weakest member. Everyone has food, shelter and clothing and each get to fulfill themselves to their greatest vision of themselves. We will have free energy, matter replicators, teleportation. A star trek future where we explore the universe for all it’s beauty and beyond. There will be peace on earth and harmony throughout the universe. We will choose life and love, and happily use our selves up in loving service to one another.

I CHOOSE A LIFE OF SERVICE! Is The Event’ happening on 14Jan17 – The Signs Are There

I personally, am having to deal with this covert hostility that keeps manifesting at my partner as ‘an accident’. I better figure that out quick!:-)

The other thing that I am dealing with is my monumental ego. It keeps pricking at me and is just annoying now. Whatever it’s purpose has been, I no longer need it to keep telling me lies that I can be hurt! For I am an immortal soul with many lifetimes and I can only have experiences.  I cannot be hurt! So the ego lies and I no longer need to listen to it. It is a foreign installation, and is being removed. There is only Higher Purpose/Service to Others.

We need to get out of our heads and think with your hearts!

Image result for ego

Have you noticed that the sun is now white. When I was young in Karratha, the sun was hot, but it wasn’t white hot like it is now. It feels really hot and prickly on the skin, like the sun is releasing lots of energy, especially over the last couple days.  I can feel my skin prickling, even when I am inside. We must be near what the SSP call The Solar Sneeze.

I also have been having the sensation of being struck with some kind of energy wave, and I do a kind of reboot/reset where I will be humming along peacefully and suddenly I have forgotten who I am and where I was going,  then I feel the memories come flooding back in. It almost feels like downloading my memories into a new body


It is called the Mandela Effect because some people have a memory of Nelson Mandela dying in captivity. 1 out of the 3 people that I asked in my living room

, swore that mandela died in the 80’s

My own personal experience with the mandela effect involves Sorcha Faal. I have been referring to her as “Sorka Faal”. A few days ago I realised that it is now Sorcha Faal and I have been typing it wrong for months. But I am pretty sure that I would not have made a mistake like that over and over again these last months without anybody mentioning or commenting on it to me. Even the autocorrect is suggesting “Sorcha” just now:-) HA! I am sure that all will be revealed soon!

what does it mean

The Blue Avians have said that the ride will not be smooth. That the converging of the timelines will get so severe that we will be unable to think. That feels pretty right now!  I guess that we are going through that bumpy transition now.

Image result for metal spheres blue avians

They also said that we should watch for our loved ones from the other side piercing ‘The Veil’ as it thins. My information is that they have come back to help us get through this magical wonderful thing that is happening right now.

The way through this is forgiveness. The unforgiveness that we carry is probably going to hurt if we hang onto it. Make every thought a loving thought and pull that Golden Future into being.

And keep your alignments tight, keep your integrity tight, operate from your heart and get as much rest as the can.

Image result for forgive yourself

The way through this is “I FORGIVE MYSELF” and BREATHE! Breathe, be kind to each other and we will all go through this together.

And remember that we are co-creating this .

And we have help:-)



* My influences are Law of One, Cobra, Corey Good, Simon Parkes… but all opinions are my own truth as best that I can express them:-)

**Your own discernment is required on everything:-)

Comments I got from my last post on reddit

submitted 9 hours ago by brian hyland

Did anyone else feel that last night was a very bumpy ride? Thank you for the invite to this sub, I am pleased to be here:-) Around midnight perth, australia time, last night. I had to go to bed, the ride was getting too intense. Has anyone else got any impressions from last night? Brian

post reply Last night there was some timeline craziness.
 from sent 6 hours ago
The global consciousness project dot has been going bananas so you definitely were feeling something.

Chrome Legacy Window 15012017 24828 PM.bmp.jpg

Mandela Effect Memes

mandela-effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effectImage result for MANDELA effect




16 thoughts on “The Mandela Effect Seems To Be Happening Now”

  1. i have experienced things i cannot understand, my family’s behavior seems to puzzled me, my phone and some gadgets i used.. its crazy to think im just the only one who know something is not normal..i just keep quit because they did not understand what was happening…iv heared voices in my left ear….voices talking…i know im not crazy we dont have that as inheritance..i dont know what to do sometimes..i keep on praying..but the headache is such a nuisance for my work..keep on swallowing pain reliever..


  2. demons/parasites/negative entities they have no power over us. They are just mischievous. They are trying to get us to generate negative energy so that they can feed off us. Unloving thoughts and actions generate negative kharma, then that negative karma can be applied against us by the dark for experience/growth. So the way through this is loving thoughts and actions and forgiveness(yourself). The big picture is that the dark serves the light and they all must return to the light in the end, or cease to exist. Darkness cannot exist in the light, the smallest match will still light up an entire room. The best protection is to be the match, be the light, and shield(intention) from the heart.


  3. “My depression is gone. I’ve had depression for many years and it suddenly went away. I’ve had a rough start for the new year, but I’m not depressed. I guess that’s a positive change.
    Also, I’ve been meditating I feel a sensation on my crown, third eye area, heart area, and through out my back. It’s kind of like a tingling sensation.”


  4. “I was seriously addicted, guys. Like, 1000+ mg per day addicted. Couldn’t function without it.
    After the shift, my interest in it disappeared entirely. No headaches, no withdrawal, no negative behavior changes. Just free of my addiction.
    My wife thought it was so odd that she demanded I get a physical together, as not only did my addiction suddenly stop, but I’ve been feeling (non-harmful) heart fluctuations, vibrating in my solar plexus before bed, a feeling in my head of some sort of pressure from ear-to-ear (again, not painful or harmful, so far as I can tell), and a feeling in my core of being more “dense,” if I can say it that way: thicker, almost. Not sure how to put it. More solid, perhaps. Hard to explain.
    And today I had my physical, and everything checks out. Lungs fine, heart fine, blood pressure fine, feeling better than I have in years, and younger, somehow.
    I’ve also noticed my eyes seem to have gotten brighter and began changing color a bit, and that I’ve been craving more protein and whole foods, and less processed food, and less sugar.
    Anyone else have dramatic positive changes happen to them?”


    1. Oh wow, I never thought I’d see someone else explain a similar situation to what I too been feeling. Except for me I feel like my memory is being depleted and I am losing my unique ability of higher consciousness which to you might feel like a subduing of anxiety.
      In 2012 I felt a shift of things becoming equal opposite to what I “knew” and then recently I got REALLY sick and it further altered my mental state…… I just don’t feel well.
      Something unique happened to me I can show you in an image


    2. You’ve just totally described me! I suffered depression for twenty five years and all of a sudden it’s gone. I’ve suddenly started eating very clean and my addictions are suddenly no more. I’m so glad I found this post.


    3. i really dont know what got into me..those headaches and ringing in my ear..after that last september 2017 when i have to file for a sick leave for two months got to go for a shrienk for the first time in my entire life…..and i dont know why i suffered depression that is when i began searching bout what happened to me….so i think i was the only one who suffered for this in our race …sounds crazy but i think this is what happened and im not just the only one who suffered like this..tsk! still i was convincing myself this will come to pass..


  5. How many people in the car at JFK’s assassination. I get 4.
    Earth used to be on the sagittarius arm of the milky way galaxy, Now we are on the orion spur:-) I have come here from elsewhere.

    “And if you want to see how many others like me may have crossed over to your timeline recently, just take a look at these Google Trends pages, which show the increase in searches for the MANDELA EFFECT:

    Internet searches:
    YouTube searches:

    I can see that the coverage that I have been giving this topic is spreading to my audience countries:-) It started in America with tube videos then spread from there.


  6. I can hear the ringing all the time now. Everything when it’s quiet, I’ll hear it. It was after Christmas that I’ve started to hear the ringing constantly. Before that, it was a few times per day and stop for a day or two.
    I begin getting the headaches after the ringing constant ringing. It’s flashes of headaches. But my skin would pulse. I would get them making eye contact with people. Or after I hear the ringing.
    Seeing shadows is the latest thing that I’m beginning to experience. It started yesterday. And I saw again today, so two times. I seen them before, but rarely, like once or twice a year if any at all.

    That sounds like a negative parasite is hanging around. when you hear the ringing in the left ear it is a warning(Law of One). Barbara Marciniak says to shield yourself at least six times a day. When I hear the ringing I find that I am out of balance. Generally on the left side. Like now, there is a burning sensation as if they are beaming something at me. I go into meditation and centre myself, then shield from the heart. Don’t forget your loved ones too. They seem to load up negative energy while they buzz. It then seems to explode somewhere around me(kids, family, randoms…) If I can stay in love through the whole thing then it passes, and the energy return is good. If they fail they lose energy. If they can’t get a reaction they there is no reason for them to stay. Send them love and compassion and they will leave, I have heard:-) IMHO


  7. Either way if you can’t feel it yet, the dark can. Kent said that they would reveal themselves. They would be unable to hide themselves any more. Remember, the dark can only take dark actions(“We will known whem by their fruits”) I can see this happening around me already. He also said that send them love and compassion and walk away.


  8. The demons are really coming out now. I have been advised that it is best if we send them love and compassion, then turn around and walk away as they fall behind you. You cannot help them. The time of choosing is over, we are all polarised now:-)


  9. it is called the mandela effect because some people have a memory of mandela dying in captivity.
    Time is fractalizing. The war is ongoing throughout time and space. This is the turning point of this great battle. Forces from through time and space are battling for the timeline here. One side makes a move and changes the timeline, then it wrenches our personal timeline, reordering events and experiences. Then, the other side strikes back and once again it wrenches our personal timeline, reordering events and experiences. I can imagine that this is happening all the time now. Back and forth, to and fro, no wonder we are having such a hard time of it!:-)


  10. Time is fractalizing. The war is ongoing throughout time and space. This is the turning point this great battle. Forces from through time and space are battling for the timeline here. One side makes a move and changes the timeline, then it swishes like a tail through our personal timeline, reordering events and experiences. Then, the other side strikes back and once again, it swishes like a tail through our personal timeline, reordering events and experiences. I can imagine that this is happening all the time now, back and forth, back and forth. No wonder we are feeling so wretched, We are probably crashing into each coming other from different timelines!


  11. Today it feels like I am in a swirling liquid vortex! I find the ride is easier if I stay in my heart and stay in love. If people go crazy around you, pull them back into love space if you can, otherwise let them be, they are learning what they need to learn:-)


  12. Other words that are coming up are;
    Kharma instead of Karma.
    Occam’s Razor/Ockham’s Razor
    “Millenium” is now apparently spelled “Millennium”.
    “Differencies” changed to “Differences”

    It looks like we are right in the this thing now.


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