DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The Day Of The Libtards Is Over

Saturday, March 11, 2017

President Trump is 50 days into his New Office and he is doing exactly what he promised to do: he is draining the swamp.

Jeff Sessions has asked 46 Obama Appointed US Attorneys. to resign – or else.

The Or Else may include prosecution for Treason of all 46 remaining US Attorneys.

There have also been a slew of requests for many Federal Judges to resign – or else.

Treason is now a Prosecutable Offense.

For those that do not know: MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is an organization made up of those who would restore the US Constitution.

Further – President Trump has now released an ad to bolster his approval ratings – which now stand at over 98% for those who do not suck off the Government either in a job or on some type of Welfare…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The Day Of The Libtards Is Over


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