… “Annie’s Sells Out to GMO Giant General Mills. Here’s What You’re Not Being Told”

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This is something I’m sure many will want to pay attention to… the selling out of “organic companies” to GMO giants, like General Mills. I know there is an app called “Buycott” which I have used in the past, to determine who really owns what food products.

“…your beloved Annie’s has sold out to GMO pedlar General Mills for a whopping $820 million. In case you missed it, General Mills was one of the most generous donators toward the campaign to prevent GMO labeling initiative prop 37 in California. They put $1,135,300 (as of 2012) into anti-GMO-labeling propaganda in Cali. alone.

“General Mills… CEO Ken Powell has proclaimed they will not be offering anymore GMO-free products in the future. It goes to show that this corporation is much more concerned with their profits than the health of their consumers.

“For now I think I’ll stick with Amy’s Kitchen…

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