1-31-17… “Tesla kills the duck with big batteries” (and, no, it is not about “ducks being killed”)

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First of all, “the duck” is the shape of the curve, shown below. And this is one of the major steps toward the (eventual) introduction of “free energy” type devices. My personal vision is to eliminate this (BS) thing called “the power grid”, and having each living unit have its own power source. That is happening.

Big power companies had best shape up, and find other uses for their “coal burners” and “diesel burners” and their employees (Right, State of Hawai’i???, where power on most islands comes from burning diesel!!)

“One of the problems that comes from reliance on solar power is the “duck curve” where the solar panels produce more power than is needed during the day, and standby power is needed in the evening when demand is high and the sun goes down. The common solution has been to turn on natural gas “peaker” plants to produce power…

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