DR WILLIAM MOUNT: St Petersburg Train Bomb – Disrupts FRUCT Conference

dr-william-mount21111111While America is worried about Nuclear Option here and Nuclear Option there  and Who Tapped Into President Trump’s phone line there are huge changes occurring in the financial world.

First – China now has now joined forces with Russia to completely bypass the US Dollar for trade as they phase in the New Gold Standard – which will immediately include China, Russia and Bellarus.

A few days ago the Central Bank of Russia just opened an office in Beijing, China to begin trade. The initial Set-Up was planned way back in 1959 so this change in the economy is well planned, well staffed, and well funded. There is another Office not discussed in St Petersburg Russia.

Russian Oil is now being shipped to China in exchange gold. The real hold back is the Low price of Gold at the current moment.

Top Gold Producers in the world include the US, Japan, China and Russia. This, however, may be changing rapidly as new regulations forced by the last US President has really put a crimp on the mining of Gold and Silver in the US…

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