DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Happy Easter – Don’t Give Up On Trump

Happy Easter folks

2000 years ago a man named Yushua took his believes to his death, and then rose form the dead to show us what is possible.

Don’t give up on Trump.

Dave from the X-22 Report was briefed on what is really going on behind the scenes and has a superb show last night.

When GOD appoints someone and they go into the world they get lots of push back – lots of people come against them.

For Me Personally – when I did my first TV Broadcast I was threatened form almost every one.

When things started to happen exactly like GOD told me they would happen – they backed off – nut this took about 6 months just in the little Channel 23 and 77 Studios.


I never gave up on GOD and – in fact – have already discussed the next attempted Nuclear Strike on Europe and the next personal attempt on President Trump.

Thanks to some very courageous folks – and your prayers – it appears that neither of these will now occur.

Further – those now attempting these deeds will soon be – shall we say – either repent or merge with a can of Dog Food.


Imagine the resistance President Trump is now getting after 50 years of Human Sacrificing Lucifarians running the White House and he walks in with a Bible.

The FAKE Main Stream Media hates him and will do anything to shut him down and his critics.

Pray that those who come against GOD’s Anointed fall like fly’s hit with Raw DDT.

Pray also that Beforeitsnews and You Tube and Google Leaders wake up and repent before GOD drops them like rocks off of the Golden Gate Bridge – and GOD Promises us that day is coming very, very soon.  soon.

Folks – Never Give Up,

Keep praying

Our GOD STILL REIGNS and his angels are back in force…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Happy Easter – Don’t Give Up On Trump


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