Comey Conspiracy Blows Up Even Bigger! And It’s Not What You Think!

It All Comes Down To Comey

Which side is the ‘fired’ FBI Director really on?

“When ‘Comey the canary’ starts to sings, the entire Clinton crime family,
the Obamas, 
the Podestas, even Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, will all
become fellow jailbirds.  The Democratic Party will likely be forced to
cease and desist political operations as it has morphed into
 a stone-cold
international crime syndicate.  The bold assassination of Seth Rich is just
one of many hits ordered by the DNC.”

— Longtime Political Analyst

State of the Nation

“You gotta give it to him, Trump has ’em all on the ropes.  That’s why the mainstream media is frenetically working to take down all the truth speakers at FOX News.”  (Source: The Coordinated Takedown of FOX News by Deep State)

From their ultra-liberal, hyper-progressive and extreme left-wing perspective, the DEMs really have no choice.  As long as they own and operate the mainstream media (via the C.I.A., of course), they will do everything in their power to dump Trump.  To let him serve as president for even one more day brings them all closer to their day of reckoning.  For virtually the entire mainstream media (MSM) is now guilty of committing treason against the sitting POTUS.


You see, Comey had access to all the evidence as FBI Director. That’s why the Democrats, the MSM and the rest of Deep State are really nervous in the service.  When you’ve spent your whole career in the service of maintaining a monstrous criminal enterprise, how could you not be nervous?  All of them are up to their necks in Deep State doo-doo.  And everyone involved knows well their fellow co-conspirators within each unlawful black operation.  Looks likes there will soon be many other canaries getting ready to sing.

If ever a former FBI Director had good reason to sing, it’s James Brien Comey.

This guy Comey was the ultimate inside man.  We’re talking about an “elite fixer” for the Clinton crime family (especially the Clinton Foundation), the Democratic Party, the international banksters and other more furtive criminal enterprises.  You want it fixed on the inside, Comey’s your man (he was, anyway).  If you don’t believe it, just read this detailed criminal dossier on the man himself: DETAILING THE COMMISSION OF COMEY CRIMES…

Source: Comey Conspiracy Blows Up Even Bigger! And It’s Not What You Think! | Politics

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