REVEALED: Obama’s College Records – This Discovery May Put Him Behind Bars!

View on YouTube REVEALED: Obama’s College Records – This Discovery May Put Him Behind Bars!
REVEALED: Obama’s College Records – This Discovery May Put Him Behind Bars!

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Former President Barack Obama was known by many aliases and he used different social security numbers. He paid a lot of money to seal his past. Although the media has reported about his academic success, we never saw an evidence that can prove it. When he was offered $50 million dollars to reveal his college transcripts, he did not want to do it which indicates that something is going on. Although Americans knew this information, they still voted for him twice.

Via The Political Tribune
The presidential race back in 2008 was maybe one of the biggest deals in the recent U.S. history. During those elections, the liberal media forgot all about their honor and launched its hyper-partisan project.

It was just unbelievable how many shillings there were for Barack Obama since the news reporters acted more as brainwashed cultists than the “journalists” they usually act like.

Among the false stories, they have published that “Obama’s the smartest person to ever be president” meme.

Normally, this cheap story was never confirmed as his academic success and the whole history was tapped and not really researched by the media furthermore.

According to the Nut Bar Factor, Obama’s University days are a huge enigma, having in mind the fact that the professors and his classmates surprisingly do not remember anything about him, even though rumor has it that he was pretty popular among the students.

The real question isn’t really how good his grades were, but if contained within the records is evidence that he was considered a foreign student at the time.

People investigating the issue seem to believe that “Barack Obama” wasn’t who was attending Columbia, but Barry Soetoro.

We know now that Obama was willing to claim foreign birth whenever it benefitted him. In 1991, he described himself in his literary agent’s publicity brochure as having been “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

We also know that Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, and stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, claimed Indonesian citizenship (and “Islam” as religion) for their son “Barry Soetoro” when they enrolled him as a first grader in an Indonesian school in 1968.

His parents seemed more than willing to claim “nonresident” status as well on official documents when Barry was growing up.

Which raises the obvious and often debated question, was Obama really born in America?

This question is immediately dismissed as conspiratorial whenever it’s mentioned as a way to shut down any honest investigation. There’s already ample evidence to suggest that Obama was born outside America, and it’s thought that the final piece is hidden away in his student records.

Revealing them is indeed a big matter nevertheless the way you process it since it presents the real picture and the lack of intelligence of ex-President Obama, as well as the fact that he was recognized as a foreign student, showing once again that he hid the truth regarding his birth.

Now, there is evidence that Barack Obama was a scam. He is an embarrassment to this country. Thank God his presidency years are over!


One thought on “REVEALED: Obama’s College Records – This Discovery May Put Him Behind Bars!”

  1. Obama’s college records have NEVER been released. The article on this site is just another birther lie—-Now, I wonder why birthers would lie about this? I wonder what the motive could be? (I wonder.)

    Some other birther lies:

    Remember the ”signs” that say ”Welcome to Kenya, birthplace of Obama”? Well they exist only on birther sites. There are no such signs. They are Photoshopped creations that do not exist in the real world.

    But the motive for creating them, and for lying and saying that Obama’s Kenyan grandmother said he was born in Kenya (when she really said that he was born IN HAWAII), does exist, and it should be obvious.

    And it was the same motive that led to the forged ”forward to his book” and the forged video in which Obama SEEMS to say that he was born in Kenya (but you cannot see his mouth move when he SEEMS to say it) and the LIE that Obama was registered as a foreign student and the three forged ”Kenyan birth certificates” and the LIE that Obama’s birth certificate is forged.


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