BREAKING: Sheriff Clarke Just Broke Month-Long Silence To Make Devastating Announcement

View on YouTube BREAKING: Sheriff Clarke Just Broke Month-Long Silence To Make Devastating Announcement
BREAKING: Sheriff Clarke Just Broke Month-Long Silence To Make Devastating Announcement

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America’s favorite sheriff has been strangely silent since he accepted the Department of Homeland Security position offered to him by President Donald Trump. The country was ecstatic about this perfect pick for the job, considering that Milwaukee Co. Sheriff David Clarke takes a no-excuses approach to terrorism and citizens’ safety, no matter who he has to offend to protect people. However, since that announcement was made something else has happened, and now the country is hearing from Clarke for the fist time in a while when he broke his silence with a devastating statement.

Clarke accepted the position of partnership and engagement on May 17, that was offered to him by the president who handpicked the conservative firebrand for the important job. At the time, he told WISN in Wisconsin, “I’m both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position by [DHS Sec. John Kelly], working for the Trump administration in this position,” Fox News reported. However, now he’s not only rescinding that offer, he’s announced why he’s has had a change of heart on taking this post.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Late Friday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. formally notified Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly that he had rescinded his acceptance of the agency’s offer to join DHS as an assistant secretary,” Craig Peterson, Clarke’s adviser, told The Washington Post.

“Clarke, a tough-on-crime conservative Democrat, announced last month that he was taking a job as the assistant secretary in DHS’s Office of Public Engagement. He was to serve as a liaison between DHS and local and state law enforcement agencies.”

The unexpected announcement took excited conservatives by complete surprise and was also disheartening turn of events for our president who believes in putting the best people he can into every important position. Clarke was certainly the right man for the job, but perhaps the timing was wrong.
He was set to start his new job at the end of this month, which would have been approximately a month and a half after accepting the position. Without getting too specific, he simply announced that he’s faced “significant delays” in since accepting it which led him to this final decision about his future.

However, backing out of the DHS post doesn’t mean that this tough-on-crime, cowboy hat-wearing sheriff isn’t going to have an important role in Trump’s administration.

“Sheriff Clarke is 100 percent committed to the success of President Trump and believes his skills could be better utilized to promote the president’s agenda in a more aggressive role,” Peterson said following Clarke’s announcement. The sheriff met with the president as recently as this past Tuesday, before rescinding this position was made public. Perhpas the two talked about what capacity this incredible conservative leader could have in or out of the federal government.

“The sheriff is reviewing options inside and outside of government,” Peterson added. “Sheriff Clarke told Secretary Kelly he is very appreciative of the tremendous opportunity the secretary was offering, and expressed his support for the secretary and the agency.”

The liberal media is already jumping on his resignation with accusations and assumptions about why he’s not going to take the DHS position. Raw Story eluded to controversies he’s allegedly been caught in as reason for him being not only unfit for the role but even a mediocre member of law enforcement at best, who has simply been glorified as a sheriff by media for no other reason than being an unapologetic conservative who is tough on groups like Black Lives Matter.

“Clarke is notorious in Milwaukee for the disproportionate size of his media presence as compared to the actual size of his role in the city’s sheriff’s department. His sole area of jurisdiction is one of the city’s jails,” Raw Story reported. “However, four deaths — including a newborn baby — took place in the jail in 2016 due to neglect and mistreatment.”

The left’s lack of love for this incredible American leader isn’t for the “controversies” they come up with, as they claim. It’s that Clarke is a combination of everything they hate, being conservative and African American and not afraid to issue appropriate punishment to other black people who deserve it, instead of making excuses for them. They can’t call him racist for cracking down on Black Lives Matter rioters, so they resort to claiming that he’s not good at his job. In their minds, only a sheriff who allows this kind of criminal debauchery is good at his job.


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