WATCH Nasty Transgender Tries To Show Guys At Skate Shop What’s Under His Skirt – INSTANTLY Regrets

View on YouTube WATCH Nasty Transgender Tries To Show Guys At Skate Shop What’s Under His Skirt – INSTANTLY Regrets
WATCH: Nasty Transgender Tries To Show Guys At Skate Shop What’s Under His Skirt – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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All across America, members of the LGBT community keep ramming their debauchery and lifestyle choices down our necks. You can’t even watch a show on television anymore without there being a least one gay love scene or or a transgender character, as our society is being forced into accepting this lifestyle as the “new norm.” As these obnoxious people continue to shove their rainbow flags in our faces while labeling us bigots for not readily accepting their points of view, a transgender in Georgia just got a brutal wake-up call after after shoving his vagina into the faces of several unassuming skaters outside a local skate shop over the weekend in an attempt to pick a fight.

The beauty of living in America is you are free to do and say whatever you want, as long as your actions don’t interfere with the rights of others. But this transgender wasn’t just happy to put on a dress and makeup and go about his merry way identifying as a member of the female sex. He decided to get confrontational and demand people accept his lifestyle choices, choosing to harass locals outside a local skate shop in Atlanta where he was screaming at patrons trying to enter the store, “I’ve got a f*cking p*ssy!”
This harassment had been going on for quite a long time, as someone witnessing the incident was able to piece a bunch of short clips together to paint a bigger picture of what went down that day. The transgender can be seen getting into people’s faces while screaming about his vagina, where he could be clearly heard shouting things like, “I’ll f*ck you up.”

But one person who was simply wanting to gain entry into the skate shop wasn’t having the transgender’s harassment. Without a second thought, the man flings the drunk cross-dressing idiot onto the ground, where the worst ass-whipping of the transgender’s life shortly ensued.
Nothing like a good curb-stomping to get your point across! This cross-dressing moron was clearly the one doing the harassing and assaulting that day, but of course liberals wasted no time labeling the man who defended himself as “transphobic.” The man who recorded the incident said it was not a case of transpobia at all, and that the person who curb-stomped the transvestite was simply acting in self-defense. The GA Voice reported:

The young man who posted several Vine videos to the internet depicting a person being violently attacked in Little Five Points says the assault was not motivated by transphobia.

“She was yelling ‘f*ck you’ and doing all this crazy stuff. It seemed like a usual day in Little 5 Points,” he said. “She seemed aggressive and was throwing herself on the ground.”

“There was nothing mentioned about gender. She was just yelling at us,” he said. “The videos don’t show the context of what happened.”

The alleged victim says clearly, “I have a p*ssy.” She yelled that as well as, “F*ck you, George Bush!” and was cursing other celebrities, he said.

The person was asked to leave the property by a Stratosphere employee but she refused to go and continued to yell and show, he said. The person is a homeless woman he has seen in Little Five Points a lot, he added.

“She refused to leave. She seemed to be starting fights,” he said.

The people he was with who were being yelled at offered her a cigarette to try to make her leave, according to the man who filmed the attack.

He said he started filming what was happening because what was happening was “so odd.”

Another man walked up to the group, who did not know was happening, and the homeless woman lunged at him, he said. That man pushed her to the ground and then stomped on her. According to the Vine use, the guy stepped on her shoulder, not her head. He said she was also helped up by others and was unfazed by the attack.

Everyone standing around yelled at the guy right after he stomped on the woman and he left the scene.

“Right after it happened all the bystanders were shocked and told him off. A couple bystanders helped her up. She was intoxicated and I saw her walking away,” he said. “She was not injured.”

Maybe this little snowflake will think next time before deciding to verbally assault innocent bystanders and forcing his vagina onto people. It looks like Americans are getting finally getting fed the hell up with the debauchery of the left being shoved in our faces on a daily basis and are finally starting to react!


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