clif interviews Sam Sharma of Centra Tech

Not a good experience. The guy may not be a scam, but he sure has not got a clue about what he is doing. There are certainly aspects of fraud in the documentation, as well as lapses of form like the use of trademarks appropriately, and if indeed, he had had the document reviewed by a lawyer, they should fire that lawyer and hire C.W. Chanter.

Not a big confidence booster. Sam is obviously a good salesman way out of his depth. He is not, in my opinion, capable of delivery on his promises. i doubt seriously that i will see cards out or a test alpha out on the 19th. i doubt seriously that Centra will have a server farm up and running by end of September, let alone, 6 days from now (the 12th). i doubt seriously that the company will survive.

Sam is the real ‘brains’ behind this operation? Well…that does not provide a whole lot of confidence. He obviously has not thought about much of any of his real core business, and knows so little of the real world of data, coding, and bad actors.

Good luck to him. So sorry to all my readers for the write up on this company. It was due to data masking from a legit credit union by the same name that has linguistics going back years. Sigh, bound to happen and why i don’t think i will do things this same way any longer.
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