Bruce: Good Evening Everybody. Welcome to the Big Call. There have been some things that happened in Iraq. Many of you know that Prime Minister Abadi and a couple of other Dignitaries were here and they went up to New York to speak to the UN. I heard Abadi spoke at the UN, but didn’t hear the message itself. I did hear that Iraq did initiate their monetary reforms 4 days ago in Iraq.

Bruce: We were looking for an announcement to reflect the new rate. We believe the Gazette did come out yesterday with the rate, I don’t have it exactly yet. I am not for sure it got released or it will be releaseSaturday as far as the new rate. Iraq is done. I heard something about the rate for Iraq but today is different. I couldn’t nail done it. They are moving along well and that will bode well for us in the very near future.

Bruce: When it comes to the Redemption Centers, we heard the Redemption Centers not being online in Florida for awhile. We heard that Redemption Centers from Tampa south many of those were evacuated, many of their principle people were flown up to Dustin and Tallahassee, and some of the bankers form South Florida were flown into Atlanta to weather the storm up there. Then Atlanta was affected by the storm. I just think it is really interesting how that happened.

Bruce: I believe everybody is back or on their way back now. Miami is moving along nicely. They had 6 Redemption Centers fully staffed and ready to go in Miami. I do believe Redemption Centers in Florida is moving along nicely for us to take exchanges for us. Miami is fairly busy getting ready and in terms things are happening down there. I believe it will be very busy in the near future. It will be a major center for exchanges and other parts of Florida. I am excited about the way that the state is recovering and coming back.

Bruce: Texas has made it back and Louisiana as far as the Redemption Centers. For this to be under way for us the next couple days is very possible. I heard stories that indicated people there are doing exchanges already. These were not part of the network we will access with 800 number to set our appointments. Pretty positive things happening out there.

Bruce: Briefly, we did hear rates. We are up again. They are increasing rates on the dinar. They may have settled in on a CBI rate. Just realize the rate that is shown on the CBI is not the rate we will have at the Redemption Centers. We will have a much higher rate here, and able to exchange at a privately negotiated rate. It will be higher.

Bruce: The ZIM is trading up higher still. They want to sort of keep the ZIM at a certain point and not exceed it right now. They are trying to get it traded up and it is. It is a great range where the screen rate itself is absolutely fantastic. When we go in and see those rates, we will be fine on those. You can negotiate higher if you wish, but many of you will be fine on the non-NDA screen rate. It is not something in the 5 cent, 10 cent or whatever rate. It is in the range of between $3 and $4. Even though I don’t do rates, I think you should know that. When we go and exchange thru the Redemption Centers, we will have the opportunity to get those privately negotiated rates and get them higher if you have projects.

Bruce: Whenever the John Q Public starts, and I don’t know when that will be now. I thought it would be on the 15th. Then it got moved to the 22nd of this month. Now, with everything happening in Florida, I wouldn’t be surprised if it got pushed back to October 1st for the John Q Public. I don’t know that. We will have plenty of time to exchange and you will be happy to do that. Set your appointment, go in, and get it done. The ZIM is the key. They are very interested in picking up the ZIM bonds that we hold, and you will have every opportunity to do that.

Bruce: Now after we are done and the so called John Q Public starts, that is when you will see the drop in the rates all across the board not just the ZIM but the Dinar and Dong and other currencies as well. Keep that in mind. If you are paying attention to the Big Call and on the blogs, you are in the Internet Group. It is not an official group, but a loosely formed group of about 6 million people who are listening and paying attention what is going on. The Chinese want this group, the Internet Group, to benefit. They want us to do projects. They want this to go to humanity, and not just to our own pocket. That is why they are willing to negotiate these rates as privately negotiable rates up higher.
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