WEBINAR: Wynn Free & Terry Brown – Interdimensional Energies & Assistance – RA Group & the Elohim

WEBINAR: Wynn Free & Terry Brown, “Interdimensional Energies & Assistance from the RA Group & the Elohim”
WATCH WEBINAR LIVE ON ExopoliticsTV https://youtu.be/9bxdNnvXBpQ

Wynn Free and Terry Brown share interdimensional history and energy from the RA group [the “LAW OF ONE”] and the Elohim [the Universe], including the history of Wynn Free’s interactions with David Wilcock and his book on David Wilcock as a reincarnation of the American psychic healer Edgar Cayce [1877-1945], and Wynn Free’s experiences grounding the interdimensional messages of the RA Group of the Law of One, and the Elohim, interdimensional Creator beings.

WHOLE PLANET HEALING – Nightly conference call with the Elohim – 7:00 pm PST

Conference call: 1-712-770-4340 CODE 250513





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