Network of Global Corporate Control1 9 18

We said that the US military is with us, our gold and the US Constitution of 1789. We, humanity, are in charge of the world’s wealth, and not the insolvent (that means bankrupt) Banking Cartel. I am here to work together with everyone, using the world’s wealth, to clean up our money system, so that we can tackle the misinformation together . The corruption is very deep. The Banking Cartel uses its near-total control of global media, education, and entertainment to maintain its invisibility with a high wall of false reality. This wall of false reality is sometimes called a “matrix.” When someone helps people see through the wall of false reality , or matrix, they are said to be giving these people a “red pill.” This series on DCTV is a “red pill”. Once people know that we are under a big illusion in the matrix, there is no going back. Teleprompter:
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