Network of Global Corporate Control2 13 18

We are mobilizing a world fight to end corruption in the world’s monetary system. The Banking Cartel owes us so much money that it is bankrupt. We are secured creditors of the Banking Cartel. This means that we have the right to put the Banking Cartel out of business. That is what we, acting together, are going to do. The Banking Cartel thought we wouldn’t be able to see how they are lying to us, starting wars, stealing from us, and killing people who oppose them.

In a memo called “Countering criticism of the Warren report”, the CIA set out to make the term “conspiracy theorist” weapon to be used against anyone who questioned the government’s secret activities and programs. The fact that every member of Congress individually decided to oppose obeying the Constitution is now a public fact The Banking Cartel’s attempt to nuke Charleston and fire a first nuclear strike against the Soviet Union FAILED The Soviet Union and the United States have a common enemy: the Banking Cartel.

Skeptics cannot account for the very detailed legal documents that I have been sending over many years to the various embassies, members of Congress, Governors, adjutants general, or for the many documents that I have put into the archives for this long-running series.

If I have accomplished my task, I have convinced you to accept the world’s monetary gold reserves so that we can end the corruption in the world’s money system, wind down the Banking Cartel, and end the domination of the Black Nobility. In case you are not able to accept the world’s monetary gold reserves, please let me know why not.

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