QANON Qlinton Distraction?

Aside from everything I stated in today’s vid: why does YouTube/Google’s algorithm massively elevate anyone talking about QANON lately? If Q is dropping such harmful info to the deep state… doesn’t make sense. Meanwhile, Soros and his minions are all 100% free and Prince Alwaleed was briefly detained for a few weeks by Saudi forces at the Riyadh Ritz Carlton, then RELEASED. The Ritz Carlton!!! We were played, plain and simple. Luciferian pedos like to remain free. I think Q is an elite LARP to keep everybody on the couch and satisfied, or an attention hungry person. I think Q’s identity changed after the switch from 4chan, and that Q may have originally been valid information. It wasn’t meant to be a multi month long collaborative fan fiction community on 8chan. WHERE ARE ARRESTS?


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