Network of Global Corporate Control3 6 18

I am answering the question “How are we winning” As Andy says, people are talking about the corruption in the money system and what to do about it, “(directly to you and amongst themselves)” .

We, humanity, liberating ourselves. We have reached critical mass. The Global Currency Reset is now manifest in reality. There is no going back. The dominoes are falling. Which dominoes? As we know from the National War College power transition model, we are talking about the coalition for the rule of law. It is 90-95% likely that there is a coalition in place, which includes the US minus the Federal Reserve Bank, and the US military minus the Knights of Malta on top, to implement the Global Currency Reset.

Jacek Kugler brought me this power transition model in 2004. The World Bank’s Legal Department, which communicates to the Ministers of Finance and Development on the Board of Governors that runs the World Bank, is precisely where this power transition model needed to land. YouTube attempted to censor my comment on the power transition model when I was writing the teleprompter for this segment:

View on YouTube


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