Network of Global Corporate Control12 4 18

The US-Japan Committee Under the Status of Forces is going to make sure that the US will honor its defense pact with Japan. This is only possible with the US monetary gold reserves in the Global Debt Facility. The weakness of the Federal Reserve Note in terms of gold, along with the US National War College’s accurate power transition model, explains our coalition.
The world’s people are directing this coalition, and will retrofit any decisions after a Global Currency Reset that will exchange the corrupt paper currencies issued by the Banking Cartel for the world’s gold and for local currencies issued by villages and towns.

There are many claims for restitution by people who have been harmed by the Network of Global Corporate Control, including claims of indigenous peoples, peoples harmed by colonialism, trading of their birth certificates, peoples tortured by the Network of Global Corporate Control, slavery, climate modification, peoples subjected to mind control and other hidden DARPA technologies, people whose health has been impacted by GMOs and other hidden carcinogens and toxins, hidden cures for diseases, to list just a few claims. If it is left to the Board of Governors to deal directly with these claims, there is going to be a huge risk that we create an institution that oppresses.
How to compensate people who are holding Treaty of Versailles bonds outside the Global Debt Facility is another claim in the list. I expect we are going to have our hands full initially in helping people to understand how necessary it is that we have a peaceful transition so that they thank those 1%ers that are making the peaceful transition possible.
We will have the Global Currency Reset just as soon as the dufuses in the Black Nobility have realized that a critical mass of humanity is not going to back down (and neither am I).

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