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Silver and gold had sideways weeks with gold spot price threatening the $1300 oz spot price mark multiple times since our last Metals & Markets podcast.

Gold spot price is closing the week slightly up at $1290 per troy ounce in US dollars. While silver looks to be closing around $15.66 per troy ounce in USD.

In industry related news this week, the bankruptcy proceedings of Republic Metals Corporation continues as Reuters reported this week that the world’s largest gold refiner, Valcambi of Switzerland, put in a bid of $16 million Federal Reserve notes to acquire the now mothballed Miami, Florida 150,000 square foot precious metal refinery site.

I will leave a link to this week’s Silver Doctors coverage on the ongoing story in the show notes. If you visit that link, keep an eye out in the comments section for a short and tongue-in-cheek video, made by this week’s guest, in response to this ongoing fire sale of Republic Metals remaining assets.

If you have been using Youtube over the years to consume precious metal related content, chances are you know that there is a robust stacker community of Youtube channels covering everything from product unboxing videos, to sales offers, to market related coverage.

This week‚Äôs guest is one such Youtube channel operator. He goes by the moniker ‘Salivate Metal’ and his YT channel has been a good balanced source for precious metal related content over the last 5 years or so.


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