Trump Clone War “Nightmare Before Christmas” Battle Hands Democrats Socialist British Massacre

A riveting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that at the present time there are no grounds to hope London seeks to build good ties with Russia, states this outlook is subject to change after the West rewrote the words to their famous The Twelve Days of Christmas song to match the verses sung during the President Ronald Reagan-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Alliance in the 1980s which saw them winning the Cold War and defeating Soviet communism—and in this generation sees clone-like blond-topped leaders President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson arising to form an alliance to wage war against socialist-globalist forces the world’s top theologians have designated as being Anti-Christ and demonic—a major battle of which was just fought and won fittingly on this Friday the 13th Twelfth Day of Christmas of 2019 when Prime Minister Johnson massacred British socialist-globalist forces in what is now being called an “historic landslide win”—is the biggest election win for conservative-populist forces since they put Prime Minister Thatcher into power—and now sees socialist British Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn being “buried in a conservative landslide” so complete, he’s now given up his leadership post after watching “his dreams of global far-left revolution being shattered”—a shattering of these socialist-globalist forces caused by sane British peoples “telling these leftist loons to bugger off”—all of whom have just been rewarded for their sanity by President Trump vowing that this victory now “opens the door to a massive UK-US trade deal”—a massive deal to be made in an atmosphere of Trump being so fond of Prime Minister Johnson that he gave him his private cell phone number—and further sees Johnson election general master mind Nigel Farage hinting that he will join Trump’s presidential campaign next year to, likewise, smash into oblivion Democrat Party socialist-globalists in America…

via Trump Clone War “Nightmare Before Christmas” Battle Hands Democrats Socialist British Massacre

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