The Storm is Upon Us Season 2 | Episode 3


The Storm rages for the deep state as they desperately deploy all assets to defeat President Trump. Nothing has ever been beyond their grasp to accomplish, until now… The cabal will stop at nothing to win, but this time … nothing can stop what is coming for THEM! Was another assassination attempt made on POTUS? We are at the crossroads in the history of civilization, what will you choose? Truth or the illusion of truth?

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Raising Cane

Special thanks to @juancerosiete from twitter for Vince McMahon / JFK Jr photoshop.

Patriots! It is with great humility that I come to you at this hour of the fight.. This war has raged on far longer than most of us had ever expected. In order to take the battle to the enemy I need your support to help dedicate more time to this channel and continue to bring high quality prophetic truths to you and the world. As you know we are in a generational & spiritual war and we have to gather every resource to win for Trump on November 3rd and beyond. If you have been blessed and inspired.. by this channel please feel free to donate just $5 a month to our cause, we need your help to overrun the enemy. In the Fight and in Him,

Thank you and God Bless you ALL! – AP ūüôŹ

P.S. For those questioning AP for adding a Patreon ..Please understand that God has directed me to not cut off his blessings.. part of the battle is supporting fellow patriot believers and letting the blessings come full circle. Negative comments get deleted so don’t waste your time, only positive energy here. TY! #GODSPEED
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