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WikiLeaks’ Assange Warns Clinton Campaign: More Game-Changing Emails Loom | Zero Hedge

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Last night Fox News aired part 1 of a 2-part interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.  Assange noted that they are currently reviewing “thousands of pages of material” related to the Hillary campaign which he described as “significant.”  When asked whether the new material will be leaked before the November 8th election, Assange responded “yes, absolutely.”

We have a lot of material, thousands of pages of material.  There’s a variety of different types of documents and different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are, you know, quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

We now know that Assange planned the timing of the previous leaks to correspond with the Democratic National Convention which has since resulted in the dismissal of 5 DNC officials, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  We assume this leak will also be timed to maximize it’s effectiveness with speculation swirling that it could be released before one of the scheduled debates in October.

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A nation for sale under Hillary Clinton – Nesaranews

August 23, 2016 7:5pm By David Harsanyi


Political favors
Government ‘jobs’
Government secrets
National Parks
Gold Mines
Oil and Gas

Lakes, rivers and streams

The Democratic Party often warns us that mixing big money and politics will corrupt democracy. They must have nominated Hillary Clinton to prove it.

The Clinton ‘Foundation’ was ostensibly set up to solve the world’s most pressing problems. Though it’s done some fine work, its most fruitful program has been leveraging Clinton’s position in the State Department to enrich her family, friends and cronies.

It’s against federal law for charities to act in the interests of private business or individuals. Yet the Clinton ‘Foundation’ secured high-paying gigs for its namesakes and helped for-profit corporations with family ties set up lucrative deals.

As it turns out, that’s probably the least corrupt part of the story.

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VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble | Veterans Today

VT and Keshe take the lead in breaking the most insidious human trafficking gang on the planet

Millions read the news today, the pedophile ring “busted” or the earlier article about how the FBI actually ran it for several weeks, expanding it, drawing in tens of thousands.  Those who read it thought they knew, thought they were getting the story but as is so often the case, the truth goes so much further.  When Veterans Today tied the murder of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia to a White House blackmail plot and a strange tale involving the Keshe Foundation, it became clear that the highest and most powerful in Europe, the US and around the world, were tied together in a web of ritual child abuse on a massive scale.  For the Scalia tale, refer to Appendix I.

Today’s story is one more aspect of this.  VT’s involvement goes back to 1991 when key VT staffers worked for America’s intelligence community.  A GOP high level staffer approached the CIA claiming that President George H.W. Bush was being blackmailed.  It was said that the President was at a political fundraiser in St. Louis where, unknown to the President, top GOP campaign donors were having sex with young males, some of whom had been spirited away from Boys Town in Nebraska of Father Flanagan fame.


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Army Officially Declare Hillary Clinton An “Insider Threat” | Your News Wire

August 24, 2016 by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

An Army spokesman has confirmed that Hillary Clinton is officially listed as an “insider threat” in training materials taught to soldiers about the dangers she and others pose to the United States. 

A slide depicting Hillary Clinton pictured along with the Fort Hood and Navy Yard shooters, went viral last week after it was posted on the U.S. Army W.T.F! Moments Facebook page.

Via the Washington Examiner:

The other photos show retired Gen. David Petraeus, who gave classified information to his biographer and mistress; Nidal Hasan, who carried out the Fort Hood shooting; Edward Snowden, a former NSA contractor who exposed classified information before seeking asylum in Russia; Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter; and Chelsea Manning, who gave classified information to WikiLeaks.


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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Emails Of Media Elites Hacked

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys.

Video: Emails Hacked Of US Media Elites – YouTube

These Media Moguls, and their organizations that were hacked, include:


2) NBC

3) ABC

4) CBS

5) CNN

All of their Email Servers have been hacked, their phone calls are next

There are 12 nations involved in the hacking now along with their Intelligence Agencies and I have already mentioned 5 of them.

Now they will be torn apart in the press across the globe – except here in the United States.

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New York Times Hosts “Top Secret” Meet To Cover-up Hillary Clinton Health, Destroy Fox News – WhatDoesItMean

August 24, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A stunning report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) for the Security Council (SC) states that the New York Times hosted a “top secret” George Soros sponsored meeting on 22 August with at least 50 of America’s media elites where the hiding of Hillary Clinton’s grave health issues from the US public and the “destruction” of the Fox News Television Network was “strategized and discussed”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]


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Why You Need to Be Aware of Sexually Transmitted Demons – Prepare for Change

The following information was compiled by Bernhard Guenther and describes how entities can attach to you through sexual intercourse and other sexual exchanges. Bernhard will be a guest on In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show on August 13 to discuss his personal experience with hyperdimensional attacks. It is important to let go of the fear of such attacks by gaining an understanding and awareness of how these attacks occur and what we can do about it.

1. “The openness and surrender during sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors. The thoughts, feelings, habits and desires do not seem foreign if they have been present for a long time, even from childhood. This is a major factor in the widespread denial of the concept and lack of acceptance of the phenomena of discarnate interference and spirit attachment, obsession or possession.”

– Dr. William Baldwin, Spirit Releasement Therapy

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New Evidence Hillary Clinton Used State Department Post for Personal Gain? – Sputnik

03:00 24.08.2016

Hillary Clinton has been haunted by allegations of unethical practices related to the Clinton Foundation during her time as US Secretary of State. A new report paints an even more problematic picture for the presidential candidate.

On Monday, Judicial Watch announced that a batch of 725 US State Department emails suggest that the Democratic presidential nominee used her political office for personal gain.

“These new emails confirm that Hillary Clinton abused her office by selling favors to Clinton Foundation donors,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said in a statement. “[The emails demand a] serious, independent investigation to determine whether Clinton and others broke the law.”

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PAO – Update for August 23, 2016

sheldan nidle

1 Chicchan, 8 Uo, 13 Caban

Dratzo! Much progress is now being made. There exists, among the Elders and the various Royal groups, a strong and unaccountable worry that somehow the dark had been faking its demise. This has heavily colored how these powerful groups view this enormous release of funds. Our task is to prove that these beliefs have no foundation. At the present time, our massive program to successfully counter these unsubstantiated beliefs is working. The Elders clearly see that a release of this immense stockpile of funds cannot cause any form of failure. Although the dark may be able to steal some of these funds, we possess the means to quickly recover them and arrest any who are involved. Because of this now proven capability, the Elders and the Royals are at last ready to firmly re-set release dates. Thus, we deeply feel that the global RV exchanges can actually be realized and therefore permit the complex RV process to commence. These massive exchanges can then lead to the distribution of the prosperity packages and to new governance!

Once the new monies are released it will advance a whole host of fundings that had been on hold for months. These holds had stalled release of a great many bonds, humanitarian funds and other similar projects. We anticipate that in the coming weeks, all of these funds that had been held up by the Chinese and European Elders can finally be processed and distributed to those long promised these very special monies. Another accomplishment is the neutralizing of the dark cabal’s minions in the present corrupt government regimes of this realm. We are confident that these decisions are final and are to allow the world’s many societies to be flooded with monies formally held up for years. These funds can quickly make possible the commencement of a number of key sanitation, water and housing projects. Your world needs as well to end its long dependence on Gaia’s natural resources. These projects include another vital ingredient, namely, to end the destruction of natural eco-systems. All of this is, of course, only the beginning!

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Weather Wars: Japan & Louisiana, Florida Next

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Video: Weather Wars Louisiana, Japan, Florida Next – YouTube

We have reached a point where this New Cold War is morphing into Assassinations and Weather Wars.

Backed by US loans to build weapons – just like the 1906 Japanese/Russian War – Japan is gearing up to take the Pacific as the Superior Race.

Several days ago China warned Japan that their threats of war to take over the Entire Pacific as the Superior Race were not take lightly.

Yesterday Japan was hit with not one, but two, Super Storms spouting winds of over 150 MPH and closing many airports along their Eastern Sea Board. This Japanese march towards FASCISM  does impress the Chinese.

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Russia Orders Ships Away From American Waters, Warns “Storm Of Century” Likely To Strike – WhatDoesItMean

August 23, 2016 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An interesting “urgent bulletin” circulating in the Kremlin today issued by the Ministry of Transport (MoT) is “warning/strongly advising” that all Federation maritime concerns “remove/displace” their shipping vessels from the Atlantic Ocean region as sometime during the next fortnight (14-days) a catastrophic “storm of the century” event is likely to occur along the Eastern coastal regions of the United States. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this bulletin, MoT experts have identified an Atlantic Ocean “disturbance”, known as Invest 99L, that is being “severely and abnormally” affected by what is called the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) that stretches across most of South America to the Southern part of Africa.

Invest 99L

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[#179] Draco Moon Base | Gaia – Seeking Truth

Wisdom Teachings: [#179] Draco Moon Base Video

Wisdom Teachings: [#179] Draco Moon Base (August 2016

Season 22, Episode 17
Available worldwide
Runtime: 32:25

Though the Alliance has yet to leverage the information gathered from the super hack of the Cabal, we can assume that they hold records of non-terrestrial operatives within the secret space programs. Two such operatives surface as David Wilcock continues to discuss details from recent disclosures in the past year. We gain confirmation of Corey Goode’s testimony of the MILABs programs and military collaborations with reptilian extraterrestrials on Earth and on the moon. It is important to expose this information, as the fall of the Cabal also brings about the end of Draco control over our planet. This presentation was originally webcast August 22, 2016.

Instructor/Host: David Wilcock

Video Language: English

– See more at:

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On the Other Side of the Veil of Secrecy | Gaia – Seeking Truth

Cosmic Disclosure: On the Other Side of the Veil of Secrecy Video

Cosmic Disclosure: On the Other Side of the Veil of Secrecy (August 2016)

Season 5, Episode 16
Available worldwide
Runtime: 35:17

Many years before helping William Tompkins pen his autobiography, Bob Wood also worked at the same Douglas Aircraft facility. Instead of building out the Secret Space Program, his career placed him deep within the technical aspects of designing conventional aircraft and space-bound technology. But it was his deep interest in UFOs and technical prowess which gave him the opportunity to investigate how UFOs might work, despite not being given direct access to exotic materials. Eventually, the wall of secrecy crumbled and he now comes forward to share many of the secrets he has been able to uncover and authenticate.

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Dr. Willie: U.S. Elites Are Losing All Their Power (Video) | Politics

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 6:50

In the following video, Elijah Johnson asks Dr. Willie the question that every single American SHOULD be asking right now, because the answer will turn out to be one of the single most important turning events in human history. Unfortunately, because of our awful education system, our corrupt political establishment, and our horribly dishonest media, most Americans don’t even understand the question, much less the answer. 

The question Elijah asks Dr. Willie, is, “What will happen to the U.S. political establishment’s power once the U.S. Dollar loses World Reserve Status?” The issue Elijah brings up is one I’ve tried to bring awareness to for close to two years, because time is running out, and FAST. 

DO NOT MISS: Dr. Jim Willie Reveals 2nd Death Threat From U.S. Government 

As Dr. Willie explains, the power of the elite in this country, or any other really, is derived from the barrel of a gun for lack of a better way to put it. It is the awesome economic and military might from which this country gets all its strength, and the same goes for the political elites within the system.

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Opening the Black Box of America’s Propaganda Machine – Prepare for Change

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange have doubled down recently on the games being played in cyberspace by America‘s cyber-warriors.

Snowden suggests that many of NSA’s most damaging malware programs are now in the hands of America’s opponents, thanks to enterprising foreign counter-intelligence hackers known as the Shadow Brokers. there will be more hacked bombshells to drop on Team Clinton, courtesy of weak security in Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign computer systems.

We have entered a new phase of cyber-warfare, one in which America’s (and Israel’s) most damaging computer hacking and disruption programs are available to anyone willing to pay in Bitcoins on the cyber-black market. The Democratic Party’s leaked emails, coupled with the leaked State Department cables, has Hillary Clinton in an outrage.

These disclosures, along with the Snowden disclosures that illustrate how America spies on friend and foe, have opened the Black Box of America’s propaganda machine.

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CHEMICAL WARFARE RED ALERT: Zika panic DEET chemical part of a brain damaging binary weapon being carpet bombed across America’s cities – Prepare for Change

With every ignorant news organization across America now pushing Americans to slather their skin with DEET chemicals as a defense against Zika mosquitoes, there’s something every American needs to know: DEET is one chemical component of a binary chemical weapon system currently being carpet bombed onto U.S. civilian populations.

That’s an aggressive assertion, I fully realize. So in this article, I’m going to lay out the science for you that proves all this, citing published scientific studies, government research papers, historical accounts of military actions and molecular citations from the world’s most authoritative sources on chemistry. As far as my own science background goes, I am the lab science director of CWC Labs, an internationally accredited, ISO-17025 accredited forensic food analysis laboratory. I personally run mass spec (LC/MS-TOF) systems with a special focus on pesticides, herbicides and chemical toxicology. In fact, I have just completed a science paper on the world’s first LC/MS-TOF accurate quantitation and anti-counterfeit analysis method for cannabidiols in hemp extracts, and that paper is going to be published later this year at a science expo event. I’m also the author of the #1 bestselling science book Food Forensics.

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New Zealand to Have Russia Manage Voting for UN Secretary General » The Event Chronicle

New Zealand has made the decision to have Russia manage the voting for a new UN Secretary General in September, Gerard van Bohemen, New Zealand’s permanent representative at the UN, has confirmed.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – New Zealand will preside over the UN Security Council in September and will still oversee the meetings to discuss the ballots, according to van Bohemen.

“New Zealand has chosen to do this to counter any conflict-of-interest perception issues given we also have a candidate,” van Bohemen said on Saturday, as quoted by The New Zealand Herald.

The decision to give Russia the responsibility to carry out the polls is linked to the fact that New Zealand’s former prime minister Helen Clark is one of the candidates for the post of UN Secretary General.

The term of current UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon ends on December 31, 2016.

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GIANTS in Suspended Animation Ready to Awaken, Whistleblower Claims –

Published on September 16, 2015 by

More than a century ago, a secret society discovered a cave hidden deep beneath the Earth’s surface. Inside the cave were several ancient giants, alive but in a state of suspended animation.

We might think we know the truth about Earth’s ancient history but it isn’t so.

Whistleblower Corey Goode claims to have spent 20 years enrolled in secret space programs and covert government operations. During this period, he witnessed a multitude of extremely bizarre events and visited places we never even knew existed.

One of the most interesting of them was an underground chamber where ancient giants were being kept in suspended animation, since times immemorial. According to Goode, the chamber was constructed by the Ancient Builder Race, and the hibernating giants were the last of their kind.

Several of these giants were kept inside crystal pods, in a deathlike state. But they were not dead.

stasis_1 (1)

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The N.S.A. Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm

MON, 8/22/2016 BY SAM BIDDLE

 On Monday, a hacking group calling itself the “ShadowBrokers” announced an auction for what it claimed were “cyber weapons” made by the NSA. Based on never-before-published documents provided by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, The Intercept can confirm that the arsenal contains authentic NSA software, part of a powerful constellation of tools used to covertly infect computers worldwide.

The provenance of the code has been a matter of heated debate this week among cybersecurity experts, and while it remains unclear how the software leaked, one thing is now beyond speculation: The malware is covered with the NSA’s virtual fingerprints and clearly originates from the agency.

The evidence that ties the ShadowBrokers dump to the NSA comes in an agency manual for implanting malware, classified top secret, provided by Snowden, and not previously available to the public. The draft manual instructs NSA operators to track their use of one malware program using a specific 16-character string, “ace02468bdf13579.” That exact same string appears throughout the ShadowBrokers leak in code associated with the same program, SECONDDATE.

SECONDDATE plays a specialized role inside a complex global system built by the U.S. government to infect and monitor what one document estimated to be millions of computers around the world. Its release by ShadowBrokers, alongside dozens of other malicious tools, marks the first time any full copies of the NSA’s offensive software have been available to the public, providing a glimpse at how an elaborate system outlined in the Snowden documents looks when deployed in the real world, as well as concrete evidence that NSA hackers don’t always have the last word when it comes to computer exploitation.

But malicious software of this sophistication doesn’t just pose a threat to foreign governments, Johns Hopkins University cryptographer Matthew Green told The Intercept:

The danger of these exploits is that they can be used to target anyone who is using a vulnerable router. This is the equivalent of leaving lockpicking tools lying around a high school cafeteria. It’s worse, in fact, because many of these exploits are not available through any other means, so they’re just now coming to the attention of the firewall and router manufacturers that need to fix them, as well as the customers that are vulnerable. So the risk is twofold: first, that the person or persons who stole this information might have used them against us. If this is indeed Russia, then one assumes that they probably have their own exploits, but there’s no need to give them any more. And now that the exploits have been released, we run the risk that ordinary criminals will use them against corporate targets.

The NSA did not respond to questions concerning ShadowBrokers, the Snowden documents, or its malware.


The offensive tools released by ShadowBrokers are organized under a litany of code names such as POLARSNEEZE and ELIGIBLE BOMBSHELL, and their exact purpose is still being assessed. But we do know more about one of the weapons: SECONDDATE.

SECONDDATE is a tool designed to intercept web requests and redirect browsers on target computers to an NSA web server. That server, in turn, is designed to infect them with malware. SECONDDATE’s existence was first reported by The Intercept in 2014, as part of a look at a global computer exploitation effort code-named TURBINE. The malware server, known as FOXACID, has also been described in previously released Snowden documents.

Other documents released by The Intercept today not only tie SECONDDATE to the ShadowBrokers leak but also provide new detail on how it fits into the NSA’s broader surveillance and infection network. They also show how SECONDDATE has been used, including to spy on Pakistan and a computer system in Lebanon.

The top-secret manual that authenticates the SECONDDATE found in the wild as the same one used within the NSA is a 31-page document titled “FOXACID SOP for Operational Management” and marked as a draft. It dates to no earlier than 2010. A section within the manual describes administrative tools for tracking how victims are funneled into FOXACID, including a set of tags used to catalogue servers. When such a tag is created in relation to a SECONDDATE-related infection, the document says, a certain distinctive identifier must be used.

The same SECONDDATE MSGID string appears in 14 different files throughout the ShadowBrokers leak, including in a file titled SecondDate-3021.exe. Viewed through a code-editing program (screenshot below), the NSA’s secret number can be found hiding in plain sight.

All told, throughout many of the folders contained in the ShadowBrokers’ package (screenshot below), there are 47 files with SECONDDATE-related names, including different versions of the raw code required to execute a SECONDDATE attack, instructions for how to use it, and other related files.

After viewing the code, Green told The Intercept the MSGID string’s occurrence in both an NSA training document and this week’s leak is “unlikely to be a coincidence.” Computer security researcher Matt Suiche, founder of UAE-based cybersecurity startup Comae Technologies, who has been particularly vocal in his analysis of the ShadowBrokers this week, told The Intercept “there is no way” the MSGID string’s appearance in both places is a coincidence.


This overview jibes with previously unpublished classified files provided by Snowden that illustrate how SECONDDATE is a component of BADDECISION, a broader NSA infiltration tool. SECONDDATE helps the NSA pull off a “man in the middle” attack against users on a wireless network, tricking them into thinking they’re talking to a safe website when in reality they’ve been sent a malicious payload from an NSA server.

According to one December 2010 PowerPoint presentation titled “Introduction to BADDECISION,” that tool is also designed to send users of a wireless network, sometimes referred to as an 802.11 network, to FOXACID malware servers. Or, as the presentation puts it, BADDECISION is an “802.11 CNE [computer network exploitation] tool that uses a true man-in-the-middle attack and a frame injection technique to redirect a target client to a FOXACID server.” As another top-secret slide puts it, the attack homes in on “the greatest vulnerability to your computer: your web browser.”

One slide points out that the attack works on users with an encrypted wireless connection to the internet.

That trick, it seems, often involves BADDECISION and SECONDDATE, with the latter described as a “component” for the former. A series of diagrams in the “Introduction to BADDECISION” presentation show how an NSA operator “uses SECONDDATE to inject a redirection payload at [a] Target Client,” invisibly hijacking a user’s web browser as the user attempts to visit a benign website (in the example given, it’s Executed correctly, the file explains, a “Target Client continues normal webpage browsing, completely unaware,” lands on a malware-filled NSA server, and becomes infected with as much of that malware as possible — or as the presentation puts it, the user will be left “WHACKED!” In the other top-secret presentations, it’s put plainly: “How do we redirect the target to the FOXACID server without being noticed”? Simple: “Use NIGHTSTAND or BADDECISION.”

The sheer number of interlocking tools available to crack a computer is dizzying. In the FOXACID manual, government hackers are told an NSA hacker ought to be familiar with using SECONDDATE along with similar man-in-the-middle wi-fi attacks code-named MAGIC SQUIRREL and MAGICBEAN. A top-secret presentation on FOXACID lists further ways to redirect targets to the malware server system.

To position themselves within range of a vulnerable wireless network, NSA operators can use a mobile antenna system running software code-named BLINDDATE, depicted in the field in what appears to be Kabul. The software can even be attached to a drone. BLINDDATE in turn can run BADDECISION, which allows for a SECONDDATE attack.

Elsewhere in these files, there are at least two documented cases of SECONDDATE being used to successfully infect computers overseas: An April 2013 presentation boasts of successful attacks against computer systems in both Pakistan and Lebanon. In the first, NSA hackers used SECONDDATE to breach “targets in Pakistan’s National Telecommunications Corporation’s (NTC) VIP Division,” which contained documents pertaining to “the backbone of Pakistan’s Green Line communications network” used by “civilian and military leadership.”

In the latter, the NSA used SECONDDATE to pull off a man-in-the-middle attack in Lebanon “for the first time ever,” infecting a Lebanese ISP to extract “100+ MB of Hizballah Unit 1800 data,” a special subset of the terrorist group dedicated to aiding Palestinian militants.

SECONDDATE is just one method that the NSA uses to get its target’s browser pointed at a FOXACID server. Other methods include sending spam that attempts to exploit bugs in popular web-based email providers or entices targets to click on malicious links that lead to a FOXACID server. One document, a newsletter for the NSA’s Special Source Operations division, describes how NSA software other than SECONDDATE was used to repeatedly direct targets in Pakistan to FOXACID malware web servers, eventually infecting the targets’ computers.


Snowden, who worked for NSA contractors Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton, has offered some context and a relatively mundane possible explanation for the leak: that the NSA headquarters was not hacked, but rather one of the computers the agency uses to plan and execute attacks was compromised. In a series of tweets, he pointed out that the NSA often lurks on systems that are supposed to be controlled by others, and it’s possible someone at the agency took control of a server and failed to clean up after themselves. A regime, hacker group, or intelligence agency could have seized the files and the opportunity to embarrass the agency.

Source: The N.S.A. Leak Is Real, Snowden Documents Confirm

Exopolitics » Creating the Optimal Timeline for Full UFO Disclosure & Ascension


Whistleblower, Corey Goode, today released the second part of an extensive report about what he claims are a series of recent meetings he has had with representatives from different extraterrestrial groups, an “Inner Earth” civilization and a secret space program alliance. He provides additional information to what was presented in part one about the possibility of massive solar activity, which global elites (aka Syndicates/Cabal) are convinced will have devastating effects on the planet.

Goode’s claims, which are quite rich in detail and scope, can at times be very disturbing. Those new to his information may be tempted to dismiss it as sheer fantasy. However, after more than a year of closely investigating Goode’s claims, much of which was presented in the book, Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances, I have yet to find anything that makes me suspect that he is being untruthful in any way.

Goode’s revelations provide a framework for understanding what may well be the most important diplomatic meetings and negotiations currently underway that directly effect all of humanity.

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Yemen Offers Russia Use Of Its Airports And Ports In “Fight Against Terrorism” | Zero Hedge

While Obama was golfing in the midst of another Louisiana natural disaster, and is set to end his vacation so he can do what is truly important, support Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, Putin has been busy making new friends: first he did the seemingly impossible, having rekindled relations with Turkey to the point where Ankara itself is warning it may quit NATO to seek “military cooperation” with Russia, followed quickly by strengthening relations with Iran so that Moscow can now use an Iranian airbase to strike ISIS, much to the angry dismay of the US and the United Nations, the latest stunning pivot toward Russia comes from yet another civil war-torn nation, Yemen, whose former president, Abdullah Saleh, said its newly-formed governing council could work with Russia to “fight terrorism” by allowing Moscow use of the war-torn country’s military bases.

What makes the announcement even more striking is that Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen’s ex-president who was toppled by mass protests in 2011 as part of the Arab Spring launched by none other than the US when it “intervened” in Libya and Egypt, was a former staunch counter-terrorism ally of the US; it is this former US ally who told state-owned channel Russia 24 that Yemen was ready to grant Moscow access to air and naval bases.

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FBI Uncovers Over 15,000 More Emails In Clinton Probe | Zero Hedge

Tyler Durden's picture

Updating our earlier note, it appears The State Department’s stalling has been disallowed… (as Bloomberg reports)

A judge ordered the State Department to expedite its review of almost 15,000 previously undisclosed documents recovered by the FBI from Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail servers.

U.S. District James Boasberg on Monday ordered the State Department to process those recovered records by Sept. 22 and report back to him that day. He didn’t set a schedule for public release. The department raised the possibility of a phased release starting Oct. 14, which left open how many would be disclosed before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

As we detailed earlier, in yet another incident pointing to Hillary’s ‘above the law’ persistent lies, WaPo reports The FBI’s year-long investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server uncovered tens of thousands more documents from her time as secretary of state that were not previously disclosed by her attorneys. Worse still, as Judicial Watch details, “it looks like the State Department is trying to slow roll the release of the records.”

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New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Push the US out of Much of the Middle East » The Event Chronicle

When the current Syrian conflict first erupted in 2011 — and then enflamed in 2012 — a small minority of the American public probably wondered why President Obama was not intervening to help the Syrian people as he had done in Libya (they were likely completely unaware the president had already been interfering heavily in Syria since the conflict began). However, some pundits speculated that Obama would eventually intervene directly, and that this intervention would be the beginning of the end of the American empire as we know it.

What started out as a seemingly hollow prediction has become as true a statement as any. First, American involvement began with funding, arming, and training violent rebels to try to overthrow the Syrian government. Then came attempts to misrepresent so-called “intelligence” to justify military intervention against Assad in 2013. And finally, like a dream come true, Washington was then able to capitalize  on the growth of ISIS in Syria, a growth predicted by their own security establishment in 2012, which then became an excuse to start bombing Syrian territory in 2014. By interfering so forcibly in the affairs of Syria, the U.S. has forced a number of countries  — notably Iran, China and Russia — to step up and strike back at U.S. efforts to destabilize the region.

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GaiaPortal 8-22-16… “Elementals vibrate with the Hue-man character” | Kauilapele’s Blog

Another fascinating GaiaPortal message. I believe “floridal” refers to flowers (floral).

For those wanting more detailed interpretations, I suggest going to Rosalie Parker and/or Justin at SitsShow.


Elementals vibrate with the Hue-man character

Elementals vibrate with the Hue-man character.

Sensations of Higher Testimonials are felt.

Nonabiders are released.

Floridal scents are connected.

The price is paid.

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The Second Summit — British Government Gratitude Explained – Anna Von Reitz

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 by Anna Von Reitz

Yes, I have been quiet this week.  And yes, there is a reason.

I have been holed up all week with a small group of researchers following breakthrough information discovered last week scattered throughout the Foreign Affairs Manuel. The results will take several days to explain.
Look at these two groups of words “United States of America” and “united States of America” — look close.
In the first group, you have a proper name in Upper and Lower Case, something called “United States of America”.  This name implies that the “United States” belongs to something called “America”.  In the second group, you have the word “united” being used as an adjective to describe something called “States of America”.   Same four words, totally different meanings and entities involved.

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