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Kazarian Mafia In Total Panic – DR WILLIAM MOUNT

VIDEO: Kazarian Mafia In Total Panic – YouTube

The Unholy Alliance (NWO, Cabal, Unholy Alliance) is in total panic mode at this moment in time

Last night, while most of us were asleep, the orders were given to initiate Operation Pincer: The invasion of Russia by forces of the German, Polish and French Governments – with the United States to follow and “Save The Day” and “Re-establish Peace” in Russia – 1 Million People Praying

Nobody invaded anybody.

The artillery was silent and the US Air Force stood down.

Of course – they never factored in the response from Belarus either – which has a fierce military. The though of an Invasion there by Germany as ordered by Hitler’s Daughter Angela Merkel brings back memories that should never be remembered – destruction, death camps….

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