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The Unholy Alliance (NWO, Cabal, Unholy Alliance) is in total panic mode at this moment in time

Last night, while most of us were asleep, the orders were given to initiate Operation Pincer: The invasion of Russia by forces of the German, Polish and French Governments – with the United States to follow and “Save The Day” and “Re-establish Peace” in Russia – 1 Million People Praying

Nobody invaded anybody.

The artillery was silent and the US Air Force stood down.

Of course – they never factored in the response from Belarus either – which has a fierce military. The though of an Invasion there by Germany as ordered by Hitler’s Daughter Angela Merkel brings back memories that should never be remembered – destruction, death camps….

This entire War has been driven by the Masons through a report called


The Report From Iron Mountain has, for the first time since being published in 1967, not been followed.

The Doctrine, found on page 59 of the report, is no longer being followed.

“War is not, as widely assumed, primarily an instrument policy utilized by nations to extend or defend their express political values or their economic interests.

On the contrary, it is itself the principle basis of organization on which all modern societies are constructed.

The common proximate cause of war is the apparent interference of one nation with the aspiration of another. But at the root of all ostensible difference of National Interests lie the Dynamic requirements of the war system itself for periodic armed conflict.

Readiness for war characterizes contemporary social systems more broadly than their economic and political structures, WHICH IT SUBSUMES.”

POLITICAL: The permanent possibility of war is the foundation of a stable government

SOCIOLOGICAL: War, through the medium of military institutions, has uniquely served societies, through out the course of known history, as an indispensable controller of dangerous social dissidence and destructive anti social tendencies.

ECOLOGICAL: A Substitute for war …


It goes on and on… how Human Society benefits from War.

We digress

As the Cabal, the Unholy Alliance (Bankstas In DC, NYC, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome and Jerusalem) moves forward to destroy this planet the rest of the world is in total disagreement. Here are a few examples of what is actually going on….

1) Angela Merkel (Hitler’s Daughter) is now warning  the German People to have 10 days of food in storage as her “Syrian Refugees” begin to tear Europe Apart at the seems – Europeans do not have the right to carry Guns and they make great targets. The Refugees are, however, armed thanks to Hitler‘s daughter. .

2) President Putin had a fit when he learned that the Russian SVR (KGB)  has illegally given the Hillary Campaign over $85 Million Dollars in an attempt to elect her president and then Black Mail her with her own E-mails and Phone Calls.

The average Russian makes $800 a year – but has free rent and utilities.

That is enough money to double the salary of over 100,000 Russian Workers.

President Putin – you need to clean house in the SVR

That came to an end 2 days ago – expect a lot of Firings and the top in Russia this next week.

Of course – the Hillary Campaign HQ is screaming that Donald Trump has a few Russian Connections???

3) The Hillary Campaign is in total free fall as she is behind now by over 70 points. No one even attends her rallys except a few paid minorities and members of the local Democratic Party.

It is now doubtful she will even garnish 10% of any vote.

Donald Trump – arm your family NOW. Tear Gas Sprayers would be a good start.

Federal Election Commission: The FEC Prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating, or spending funds in connection with any state, federal or local election in the United States…….

I guess Hillary is above the law and the FBI will not prosecute, nor will the FEC. We have become a rogue nation, lawless at the top – a FASCIST Nation.

4) There is another Snowden at the NSA HQ?  Actually – twelve nations have total access to their entire data base. Of course their master –  General Keith B Alexander – is too stupid at the NSA HQ to plug the hole as their boat sinks. Powerful Satanic Priest – yes. Smart – No.

5) The US Stock Market, driven 60% by Artificial Intelligence, zooms ahead as Employment statistics and sales plummet.

6) Over 25 Million Foreigners have jobs in America thanks to Obama’s “Intigration Policies” while 94 Million Americans remain jobless.

7) As for the elites – they did not begin watering the Sanai Peninsula two days ago – they tested GOD. Now the hand of GOD will move against  them and cause total confusion at the very top of this Unholy Alliance as the Off World Support for their Reign of Terror begins to shrink. They will defend the left, and will get hit from the right. They will defend their right and get hit from above. They will turn to GOD or be destroyed. So HE has said it  – so it shall be.

Too bad, so sad, Touche’

7) As for President Obama – forces will now come against him to immobilize this perverted freak (and his handlers) who occupies the White House.

Pray for your families and get ready for what is coming because these Sexually Perverted Freaks at the top are about to throw everything they can at you.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Nato countries begin largest war game in eastern Europe since cold war | World news | The Guardian

Report Form Iron Mountain:

Microsoft Word – Report_from_Iron_Mountain.doc

“Evidence Points To Another Snowden At The NSA” | Zero Hedge

Biography – 16th Director – NSA.gov

NSA Director Who Refuses to Plug The Hole. Satanic Human Sacrificing Priest – Yes, Smart – no. He looks pretty in his uniform though serving the English Maritime Court System….

Foreign Nationals Brochure

So why is Hillary not in jail?????…

The FBI Dirsctor is a traitor – so why is he not in jail????

So we pray for them to trun back to GOD.

The Prohibition

The Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA) prohibits any foreign national from contributing, donating or spending funds in connection with any federal, state, or local election in the United States, either directly or indirectly.  It is also unlawful to help foreign nationals violate that ban or to solicit, receive or accept contributions or donations from them.  Persons who knowingly and willfully engage in these activities may be subject to fines and/or imprisonment.

Germany to tell people to stockpile food and water in case of attacks: FAS | Reuters

A warning from Adolf Hitler’s Daughter… who’s Silver Mirrored Bedroom still has a camera in it with Direct Feed to the Fudge Boys at Langley….

Angela Merkel Younger:

Debunked: Angela Merkel as Hitler’s daughter [Sorcha Faal Hoax] | Metabunk

Angela at a STAZI Camp…

The Vatic Project: Angela Merkel is Hitlers Daughter and a Rothschild

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree…..


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Finally – a pact between Belarus and Germany a few weeks ago:

No body wants World War 3 ans some ” Out Of Towners” may be leading the way to stop it.






Auswärtiges Amt – Relations between Belarus and Germany – Remembrance. Responsibility. The Future!

Remembrance. Responsibility. The Future!

Article by Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the 75th anniversary of the launch of Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union.


In the early hours of 22 June 1941, this day 75 years ago, all hell broke loose. At Hitler’s command, millions of German soldiers, hundreds of thousands of vehicles and horses, thousands of tanks, aeroplanes and artillery pieces swarmed eastwards, to attack the Soviet Union. Their mission – as frightening, crazy and megalomaniacal as it was – was to finally claim for the German ‘master race’ its rightful and destined dominion over all of Eurasia, and to subjugate and exterminate the people of the Soviet Union. In breach of all past agreements, out of the blue, the Germans marched against their Soviet allies, with whom they had just brutally divided up Poland and the Baltic states

The consequences were dire, initially for those attacked, and ultimately for the aggressors themselves. The Soviets fought for their survival in the face of Germany’s war of aggression and unprecedented ferocity, which claimed the lives of more than 25 million people in the Soviet Union and left many more starving, destitute and displaced. The war left behind unspeakable destruction in many parts of the Soviet Union. A similar fate ultimately befell the aggressors, too, who came to face death, violence, imprisonment and hardship.

St Petersburg (the Siege of Leningrad), Volgograd (the Battle of Stalingrad) and the Battle of Kiev, and the massacres of Babi Yar and the Battle of Bialystok-Minsk are to this day remembered as symbols of heroic resistance and of the atrocities of a war that swept eastwards, wiping out all traces of civilisation.

In all the current debates on Europe’s peaceful order, we must never forget that the aggression, the war of destruction, the ideology of Slavic Untermenschen, descended upon the peoples of the Soviet Union from Europe, from the West, from Hitler’s Germany.


Anyone who, like me, is often in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, is aware of the extent to which the Great Patriotic War is still part of people’s consciousness, not as a memory from the distant past, but as a present fact, with all its horrors, but also with pride for the participants’ stalwart defence in their enforced fight for their lives.

The price paid by the Russians, the Ukrainians, the Belarusians and the many other peoples of the Soviet Union is immeasurable and has not been forgotten to this day – not in the countries of the former Soviet Union nor here in Germany


Acknowledging this does not in any way diminish Stalin’s crimes, the gulags, the forced collectivisation, and the famines in which millions of people died, above all in Ukraine.


We Germans are infinitely grateful for the fact that, considering the atrocities and crimes committed in Germany’s name, the people of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and elsewhere in the former Soviet Union have reached out to us in reconciliation. We are also grateful for the fact that common ground and partnership, and even friendship, have taken root once again following the traumatic experiences of the war and bitter enmity, of brutality and barbarity, of suffering and displacement.

Preserving the memory of the horrors of World War II and of Germany’s guilt, was, is and remains an indispensable and imperative prerequisite for reconciliation between our two countries.

Today, 70 years after the end of the War, we maintain thriving diplomatic, political, economic and cultural relations with all the states that emerged from the dissolution of the Soviet Union. With all of them we foster a culture of intense commemoration of World War II and of the victims of Nazi barbarism.

We know that this is by no means to be taken for granted.


Looking back 75 years makes us shudder at the things people in a modern, sophisticated, progressive and civilised Europe could do to each other. And it serves as a most pointed reminder to us to do everything humanly possible to preserve the peaceful order in Europe which was built on the ashes of the worst war ever witnessed by the world.

Especially at times like this this, when Europe is at risk of splitting along new divides, we must again remind ourselves of the importance of this culture of joint commemoration.

Only together can we preserve a lasting and stable peaceful order in Europe. The unilateral shifting of borders in breach of international law and the failure to respect the territorial integrity of neighbouring countries – such actions take us back to the times from which we believed we had escaped, times that nobody can wish for. The Helsinki Final Act, the major disarmament treaties, the Charter of Paris, the process of European integration – all these achievements should be respected, preserved and jointly advanced.

Dialogue and joint commemoration, close ties between our societies, and in particular between the young people of our countries, can help and indeed must help to prevent us from gradually becoming strangers to each other.

We all face the great challenges of our time, and we will only master them together, in a world that has come loose from its moorings. We now have huge numbers of refugees in the world, more than ever before, at any time since the Second World War. Terrorism poses a threat to our liberty and our way of life. And, in the heart of Europe, in eastern Ukraine, people are killed and wounded on a daily basis.

Peace in Europe cannot be taken for granted – not even today! Peace will only last if we work for it – day by day! Wherever it is threatened, we, the leaders of today, have the duty to draw the right lessons from our common past.

I hope that we will never forget, even when dealing with the conflicts of our times, that there is far more that unites us Europeans than divides us.

If there is one thing we owe to the victims of the war, to the soldiers in nameless graves, to the murdered and maltreated old people, women and children, it is to remember their suffering and sacrifice, and to repeat every day: “Never again”.

Posted by William Mount at 10:10 AM



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