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A car powered by water 

Richard D Hall runs through what is known about Stan Myers’s device which used water to create hydrogen and oxygen, and thereby more energy than he used to split the water. The US military showed interest in his invention, and he obtained patents for his water fuel cell.  He was later poisoned in a restaurant.  Stan Myers was self taught.

He deliberately filed his invention with the Patent Office incomplete.

Richard runs over other free energy devices that have been invented, and mentions the ineffectiveness of groups set up to discover or rediscover the methods that could be successful in achieving ‘over unity’ devices.  He proposes a way to proceed with his colleague Andrew Johnson.

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Water Is Not What You Think it Is

All life as we know it is entirely dependent upon water to survive. The surface of Earth is 70% water, so, too are humans, reaching upwards of 90% water composition. The human brain and heart are considered to be about 73% water, and lungs approximately 83% water. From a molecular point of view, we are in fact 99% water! 

Without water, we would not exist, yet most of us take this precious liquid for granted. We drink what comes out of the faucet or in bottled form from the gas station without a second thought, and it is not our fault because we are physically incapable of detecting the difference between good and bad water. Sure it might be pure and have added minerals, but scientists are now discovering most human drinking water is considered to be dead, void of any energy. As crazy as that sounds, that is only the beginning of what they are discovering about water’s capabilities.

A Russian scientist by the name of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov has developed an instrument that can determine the energetics of water. Anything that enters a strong electromagnetic field begins to emit light. The greater the energy, the brighter the light.

He found that ordinary drinking water contained little, if any, energy. He was able to compare what we drink to a water sample taken from Venezuela that had no previous human contact. This water was shown to be 40,000 times more energetically active and its crystalline structure near perfection.

He concluded that water is a reflection of its environment and it stores that information indefinitely.

Researcher Masaru Emoto experimented with water by exposing it to music, words spoken, words typed, pictures and videos, and then flash freezing these molecules, he was able to capture and observe under a dark field microscope what that information looks like in terms of a wavelength. In a sense, a photograph of the language of information.

He found that positive frequencies created beautiful hexagonal symmetry while negative wavelengths took on chaotic, disorganized formations:…

Source: Water Is Not What You Think it Is | Conspiracy Theories