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The Best GREY ALIEN footage caught on Tape! Why they are watching us? REAL OFFICIAL video!


Alien evidences and proof! (UFO video) The relevation! Please share!! All american people need to see this! Share… Help USA and Canada: please share because the 2017 can be historic!

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US Government Build Secret Base For ‘Man-eating Aliens’

The U.S. government has declassified and released files proving that a top-secret base for “human-eating aliens” is currently being constructed in New Mexico…

Source: US Government Build Secret Base For ‘Man-eating Aliens’

Humans as Prey: Pizzagate, Pedophilia and Human Sacrifice | PROJECT CAMELOT PORTAL

In essence we have several PREDATORY races some of whom are linked to us through DNA and our so-called Reptilian brain as you know. How do we live with them is the question? That is what we need to be considering. Warning our children is surely the first step. You can’t wipe them all out because too many humans are steeped in the Rep DNA/Bloodline now to jettison them all off the planet!! Instead it’s time to view the existence of predators towards humans with a more discerning eye. We need as a result to be warriors of light not “workers” and begin to chart our own course in this way. Raising your vibration helps as does being physically fit and having second sight or spiritual awareness on all levels. Figure this is the way of the Cosmos and the challenge of life on the 3d/4d. Predators force a species to refine itself and rise to the challenge. See this not as a victim but as a challenge for further development and advancement.

Source: Humans as Prey: Pizzagate, Pedophilia and Human Sacrifice | PROJECT CAMELOT PORTAL