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– Cancer is easily removed from the body as it returns to health. They have known this from the very beginning.

Grape Seeds More Efficient Than Chemotherapy

When compared to chemotherapy, grape seed extract (GSE) is more like an ancient remedy, especially if you take into consideration the fact that chemo causes cancer remission, and the cancer always returns 10 times stronger…


Almost half of cancer patients in the US deplete entire life assets by second year of treatment

After a colon cancer diagnosis, Deb Genetin, a 57-year-old resident of Springfield, Ohio, just outside Dayton, was denied a life-saving surgery at Mercy Health hospital because, in the words of the hospital, her “financing wasn’t in place…


Chemotherapy is the Worst Thing You Can Do

By Dr. Mark Sircus, Doctors, their medical organizations and the great pharmaceutical companies practice a sinister form of medicine that directly causes suffering in pain in people’s lives. Thus, I am not surprised when James Howard Kunstler writes that modern medicine is a hostage racket:..


The Cancer Epidemic is Caused by a Viruse That Was Put in the Polio Vaccine and Given to 98 Million People (Also Transmitted Sexually)

In 1960, medical studies determined that the Salk injectable polio vaccine (IPV) contained the Simian Virus 40 (SV40). SV40 is a cancer-causing virus originating from minced rhesus monkey kidney cells that were used to manufacture the polio vaccine…