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ALIEN Sunrise Party – “After The Event” New Years Eve Party


Hosted by Conspiracy Daily Update on 31 December 2018

This party involves drinking BEER and watching an ALIEN SUNRISE from another planet. (Planet to be Decided)(Technology Permitting)This party will be held AFTER THE EVENT when this is all over (Date to be Confirmed).
I have created this event for the idea of having a party for “After the Event”. I envisaged this party as an “ALIEN Sunrise Party” to reflect the dawn of a new day and the availablility of new technology. Also because we all want to get into space!:-) ! I will try and send a stretched-UFO to pick up anyone that needs one!:-)
Sign up here: ALIEN Sunrise Party

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Top 5 Deeply Fringe Alternative Websites – ClearIntentions


Published on 25 Feb 2017

ClearIntentions Channel With Billy Morin
Current Event Commentary – Everything Alternative – No Filter
Instagram: @clearintentionswithbilly
Twitter: @CIntentionsBill

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