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Neon Revolt Gab post 10-21-18… “The #NPC MEMES broke the AI Twitter was using to run their bot/influence network!!!”

This has got to be, if true, an absolutely hilarious result of the #NPC meme! (see this previous Kp blog post)) And I would presume Neon Revolt (Gab page) would know. THIS IS WHY #TWITTER SHUT DOWN THE #NPC MEMES!!! It broke the AI they were using to run their own bot/influence network!!!..


The #NPC Pez Dispenser… (and how this #NPC meme can apply to each of us!)

Saw this on Mark Dice’ recent video. And although he is pointing out how it applies to what he calls “liberal lunatics”, it really applies very much to our inner lives as well. During the spiritual growth path, often there are “Pez pellets” that we may be “fed”…