Terror In Maryland That Leftist Media Completely IGNORED For SICK Reason – Look What Camera Caught

View on YouTube Terror In Maryland That Leftist Media Completely IGNORED For SICK Reason – Look What Camera Caught
Terror In Maryland That Leftist Media Completely IGNORED For SICK Reason – Look What Camera Caught

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All across Europe, Muslim terrorists continue to bathe the world in blood, as terror attacks are sadly becoming the new normal thanks to the reckless antics of liberal politicians who keep letting these third-world country vermin take over. But now these Muslim barbarians are bringing the fight to our shores, as terrorists are flooding into our country, due to liberal politicians and judges who keep blocking Trump’s migrant ban. Now a terrorist in Maryland has just gone on a massive shooting rampage, after attempting to assassinate members of our law enforcement in a bloody shootout that is just now starting to make headlines today.

What’s absolutely sickening is how in the wake of any incident perpetrated by Muslims, the liberal media will immediately kick their antics into full gear, white-washing any mention of Islam or terrorism, as the love affair between leftists and Muslim terrorists continue to defy all human logic. While local news stations in Maryland reported on this attack several days ago, not one word was mentioned about this shooter’s possible ties to Islam, as the video released from the incident clearly showed a bearded man in full Islamic garb engaged in a highly-disturbing shootout with local Maryland police.
Local news station WBALTV was one of the only news sites to even report on the incident, after a crazed man robbed two people at gunpoint. Dundalk, Maryland, police immediately swarmed the scene after receiving frantic calls by locals around 2:49 p.m.

After arriving on the scene, what appears to be a man in Islamic garb then attempts to evade authorities by hopping on a bus. Officers quickly surround the bus, where a shootout between the armed man and law enforcement then ensues. One female police officer was shot twice in her lower body, where she remains hospitalized and in serious condition. Police say a 21-year-old female also suffered a gunshot wound to the lower body but is thankfully expected to survive.
Here’s a video taken by an eye witness of the shootout. Thankfully the idiot was fatally shot before he was able to target anymore police or innocent bystanders:

WBALTV reported:

Police said [the suspect] tried to flee but collapsed a short distance from the bus, suffering at least one gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“When the police responded out here, they were able to locate the MTA bus that they thought was involved. They stopped the MTA bus and they engaged the suspect. At some point during that engagement, the suspect fired shots at the officers. The officers then returned fire and shot the suspect. One officer was shot in that altercation. The suspect was shot and he is now deceased,” Baltimore County police Officer Jennifer Peach said.

“The road was closed, so I pulled up and I stopped and I saw weapons drawn. The next thing I know, I hear shots being fired. While I’m sitting in the truck, there’s a sign next to me and a bullet hit that sign next to me. Next time I look up, the female officer is shot and she’s down. I threw the truck in reverse and I just backed out of there to keep from getting hit,” Clayton Brown, a witness, told the I-Team’s Barry Simms.

A passenger on the bus who witnessed the robbery and had called 911 was fearful the man in Islamic garb would then turn on her, and was frantic when the man then got onto the bus with her and several other passengers.

“I’m thinking he’s going to kill me because he knew I saw him rob that guy,” the unnamed passenger said.

Following the shootout, police found two .40 caliber semi-automatic handguns located next to the assailant, as well as numerous gun magazines and ammunition. The suspect identified as “Erb” had a “lengthy criminal history in Maryland and neighboring states, including charges for robbery, weapon violations, assault and theft police said. He also had an open warrant through Pennsylvania,” Fox Baltimore reported.

It will be interesting to see what other details emerge from this case, as it was confirmed that at least one officer was wearing a body camera during the time of the incident, and cameras on the bus also captured the shootout. As of now, no one has even mentioned this man’s possible ties to radical Islam, even though it appears as though he’s wearing full Islamic garb in the video.


WATCH: Trey Gowdy Reveals Shocking Truth About Daughter, Sets Brainwashed Student Straight

View on YouTube WATCH: Trey Gowdy Reveals Shocking Truth About Daughter, Sets Brainwashed Student Straight
WATCH: Trey Gowdy Reveals Shocking Truth About Daughter, Sets Brainwashed Student Straight

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South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy was recently speaking to a group of students when a brainwashed 13-year-old confronted him with 3 ugly liberal lies about herself. Watch as the “bulldog” reveals one shocking truth about his own daughter in order to help the misguided student get back on track.

Forty Junior High students from the Greenwood School District in Greenwood, Arkansas, were given the opportunity to attend the 2nd installment of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Distinguished Lecture Series at the Fort Smith Convention Center on April 20, 2017, according to their Facebook page, but one particular clip is just now gaining traction on the internet.

As South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy addressed the audience of young bright minds, one misguided youngster asked him to address three liberal lies about her generation and his response was truly epic.
In the YouTube video, the student began her question by saying, “I’m Eden Adams. I’m thirteen and I go to Greenwood Junior High. As young people, we’re known as Generation iY for being afloat with no real aim, arrogant with no real confidence, and entitled. We want to earn back our reputation and prove our critics wrong. Help us do that. How can we impact politics and make a difference that matters without waiting until we’re old enough to vote?”

It’s admirable that the 13-year-old student would ask Gowdy for help with these crucial concerns, and he immediately handles the most important aspect of her inquiry when he replied, “Well, let me just say you’re none of those things you just said.”

Gowdy realized that he was dealing with a student who had been indoctrinated with one of the left’s most evil ideas — American shame. The progressives in America want to see our nation diminished into a third world commune built on a lack of individual exceptionalism and redistribution of wealth. What better way to brainwash American children than to drive them to hopelessness with falsehoods about their personal character.

Gowdy continued to destroy this liberal load of bull by saying, “I want to compliment your generation. I have a daughter that is just a little bit older than you are and your generation is understanding of people’s differences and you are more inclusive than my generation ever was. So, I think you all are doing great. If you want to do even greater, access information is what I would tell you if you were my child. You can believe what you want but you have to be able to explain to me why you believe it.”

These days, kids don’t hear this kind of common sense from adults. Mostly, they turn on the T.V. and see liberal politicians constantly attacking our hard working president and creating drama where there should be none. Gowdy gets that and doesn’t waste this opportunity to make a lasting impression on these students. Gowdy continued on to open up and share a very genuine experience from his own family

“So, for my daughter who briefly flirted with Bernie fever; parenting mistake on my behalf. But, what I told her was you can believe whatever you want. You just have to be able to tell me why. So when you hear the word ‘free’ you just understand that that’s not the right word. It may be free to you but it’s not free,” he explained. “So educate yourself. Understand that there are always three or four different positions on almost every seminal issue of the day. And don’t ever stop asking the question, ‘Why?’ Your generation, to me, does a much better job than my generation, and I truly mean that.”

I couldn’t agree more with Gowdy. American kids need to be spoken to in a direct common sense manner. It was ironic that the 13-year-old girl recited three characteristics more accurately attributed to liberals than anyone else. “Afloat with no real aim, arrogant with no real confidence, and entitled.” What an accurate description of progressives in our country. Perhaps, that should be the campaign slogan for the next Democrat who runs for president. Thank God for guys like Gowdy who are actively telling kids they don’t have to fulfill this despicable vision by the left.

Obama Just Showed Up To Take Over For Trump And Save Susan Rice – Look What’s Mysteriously Missing N

View on YouTube Obama Just Showed Up To Take Over For Trump And Save Susan Rice – Look What’s Mysteriously Missing N
Obama Just Showed Up To Take Over For Trump And Save Susan Rice – Look What’s Mysteriously Missing Now

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Just when we thought that we were done with the Obama administration and their less than legal shenanigans, these bad decisions from our past are coming back up to bite us. It’s like waking up and hoping last night was a dream, but your wallet and headache inform you otherwise. One of the Obama administration’s brightest shining lights was, of course, Susan Rice and all of her shady dealings with classified information.

It seems that Obama and Rice aren’t done causing havoc in the White House despite the fact that we’re supposed to be finally shed of them. Since Rice’s activities are still being looked into, we’re still dealing with their presence around D.C. politics.

The most recent and particularly suspicious action is that Obama looks as if he’s coming to the rescue of his former lackey and doing away with some of the evidence against Rice. It’s unclear how he’s allowed to do this, or if he’ll get away with it, but he’s sure trying to. I know, crazy.
Via Wayne Dupree:

“Talk about obstruction. The entire Barack Obama administration needs to do serious jail time.

The National Security Council says Susan Rice records have been sent to the Barack Obama library. This library hasn’t even been built yet, so where exactly are the documents?
Many of you are probably wondering how in the heck this is legal. Presidential Libraries are not depositories for documents or any other evidence or records that suddenly enjoy a status of the sanctuary. This is more of the same crap, of all elected officials being corrupt.

So the completely unneeded presidential library has priority over a Congressional investigation? If this is so, then the Republicans in Congress, need to pass a law immediately making this obsolete and send in agents to make sure that there isn’t a fire in the storage facility of the Obama comic book collection.
All Public Records are the property of the Federal Government, not the individual or the Administration; all are subject to the record retention Act and FOIA.

Obama’s Celeb Friend Calls Otto Warmbier ‘Stupid A** White Boy,’ Barack’s Response Is Worse

View on YouTube Obama’s Celeb Friend Calls Otto Warmbier ‘Stupid A** White Boy,’ Barack’s Response Is Worse
Obama’s Celeb Friend Calls Otto Warmbier ‘Stupid A** White Boy,’ Barack’s Response Is Worse

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Barack Obama’s celebrity friend, so-called comedian Larry Wilmore, is under fire after he used Otto Warmbier’s as fodder for his Comedy Central show. Laughing, Whitemore found it funny that Warmbier was facing 15 years of hard labor in North Korea and called him just a “stupid a** white boy” for getting arrested by the communist regime. Obama also weighed in on the University of Virginia student’s death, and his response will make you sick.

The far left is out of control following the death of Otto Warmbier. Larry Wilmore, a racist African-American comedian, ripped into Warmbier last year in one of the most horrendous displays of racism most people have ever heard. He made fun of his name, implying it’s close to Hitler’s, and called him out, saying, “White privilege isn’t going to save you there, boy,” while showing the video of Warmbier terrified and pleading for his life in front of the North Korean kangaroo court.

It went on for eight excruciating minutes, full of crude remarks, and now that Warmbier has passed away, Wilmore has zero to say. There’s been no apology to his family and the Comedy Central website still has the video posted. Unfortunately, Wilmore is not alone. The idiots at Huffington Post are just as disgusting with their article titled “North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal.”
Below is a taste of that HuffPo piece written by a Black Lives Matter devotee calling herself “La Sha.” This will leave you sick:

As I’ve said, living 15 years performing manual labor in North Korea is unimaginable, but so is going to a place I know I’m unwelcome and violating their laws. I’m a black woman though. The hopeless fear Warmbier is now experiencing is my daily reality living in a country where white men like him are willfully oblivious to my suffering even as they are complicit in maintaining the power structures which ensure their supremacy at my expense. He is now an outsider at the mercy of a government unfazed by his cries for help. I get it.
Then we have Affinity Magazine, a bunch of hostile black feminazis who expressed their inhumanity by saying, “Watch whiteness at work. He [Otto] wasn’t a kid or innocent. You can’t go to another country and try and steal from them. Respect their laws.” But, that wasn’t all. Another tweet said, “North Korea, a socialist country, killed an American because he stole a poster. Socialism kills humanity. Don’t let it come here!!” This was their response:
Hmm.. Wait until you find out what American police kill people for
Barack Obama got his feelings hurt after the Warmbier family blamed his administration for not working to get their son out of North Korea. However, the former president couldn’t be bothered with speaking himself. Instead, he sent his lackey spokesman out to deliver these words: “During the course of the Obama Administration, we had no higher priority than securing the release of Americans detained overseas. It is painful that Mr. Warmbier was not among them but our efforts on his behalf never ceased, even in the waning days of the administration.” What a pile of crap.

What do the plight and brutal death of Otto Warmbier have to do with race? Obama pushed the Black Lives Matter narrative, using race as his backdrop for everything he did. He polarized this nation. Now, everything that happens, even the death of a bright, hopeful, young American, is politicized as a race issue by the left. Those racists are not patriots, they are traitors, and their sick message must always be called out as a message of hate or we will never make America great again.

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BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s CRIMINAL Past Reveals He’s Unfit To Lead Investigation

View on YouTube BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s CRIMINAL Past Reveals He’s Unfit To Lead Investigation
BREAKING: Robert Mueller’s CRIMINAL Past Reveals He’s Unfit To Lead Investigation

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Now that even some leading Democrats have begun to question the idea that Donald Trump and Moscow somehow “colluded” in order to win the 2016 election, the whole purpose of a Special Counsel seems moot. Furthermore, given Robert Mueller’s past, one must wonder why he’s even allowed to investigate President Trump.

Back in 2006, the Justice Department found evidence that Mueller, then the FBI Director, falsified testimony about the bureau’s surveillance on an anti-war protest in 2002. Specifically, the DoJ discovered that Mueller improperly opened and expanded investigations into certain Left-wing groups (via Mercury News).

Put another way, Mueller is a liar who illegally spied on Americans.

Other revelations about Mr. Mueller also call his integrity into question.

In connection with the 2006 investigation into the FBI’s illegal surveillance of an anti-war protest in Pittsburgh, Mueller committed perjury by claiming the FBI was conducting an anti-terrorism investigation into The Thomas Merton Center, a pacifist Catholic organization (via Got News).

Mueller’s bipartisanship seems doubtful given that his law firm worked with the Left-wing Civis Analytics as recently as 2014-2015 (via Got News).

Many have also noted that Mueller has staffed his Russian probe team with many Hillary Clinton donors (via The Daily Caller).
Finally, it has come out that Mueller played a significant role in removing the words “radical Islam” from FBI training manuals. This decision was promoted and supported by radical Islamist groups in the United States like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (via Judicial Watch).

Many Washington insiders have long maintained that Mueller is a threat to the Trump administration. Newt Gingrich believes that Mueller’s sole goal is to find a “fall guy” for the bogus Trump-Russia conspiracy, while Roger Stone has labeled Mueller as nothing more than a “neocon errand boy”.

It is undeniably clear that Mueller comes from the same Washington establishment that loathes our President and his supporters.

Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that Democrats are currently using Mueller’s investigation as a cudgel against Trump.

Many have even threatened Trump with impeachment proceedings if he fires Mueller–a power and right that he possesses (via Breitbart).

Rather than conduct an independent investigation, Mueller is only in Washington to disrupt, discredit, and possibly aid in the impeachment of President Trump. There are no other reasons for his investigation to continue.

President Trump: all American Patriots want you to fire Special Counsel Mueller and stop this sham of an investigation. Do not let the Left have its way anymore!

What do you think about this comment below.

a part of the movement to Truth!