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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: North Korea – Flash Point For Economic Reset?

Things across the planet now seem to be spinning out of control and we need your prayers to stop this madness – and we need them now.

1) First – North Korea (Hermit Kingdom) has announced a potential attack on America, China, Taiwan, Russian  and Japan using the 150+ Large 15KT+ Firecrackers the Big H sold them way back in 2011. Their dictator’s handlers have gone Cadywhompus Crazy Insane. The attack is expected on 14 April +- 3 Days.

Apparently the US is currently chasing a North Korean Submarine near Los Angeles that is loaded with one 15KT Fire Cracker.

Further – all 8 Minute Man 1 Rockets (Yup – US Made) are fueled and ready for launch in the Hermit Kingdom.

China has just deployed around 200,000 troops to the Hermit Kingdom’s Northern Boarder.

The US has just sent 3 full carrier groups to South Korea and Japan – the Carl Vinson carrier group being one of them.

We still do not know where the 36 Unfired Tomahawk Missiles went but feel they may be used this weekend to help start this massive world conflict.

2) Then – we have learned about the FBI sponsored Black Lives Matters riots to begin 15 April. It was advertised on their Facebook Page several months ago. So expect to stay home this weekend.

3) Then – a NATO HQ just South and West of Paris is still scouring Europe for 18 working BIG Firecrackers 15KT+ to set off – 6 in the US and 12 in Europe on the 16th.

4) Then yesterday the UN – in 3  private Broadcasts to – announced the increase in the Middle Eastern Conflict to bring millions of Murdering Refugees to Europe and America to create a Living Hell so we can grow spiritually and all learn to get along.

Then they stated that when their Christ Returns he will come with Fire – burning and cleansing all that he sees to purify our souls on Easter.

Which Eater the Christ will return on we do now know.

Well – Jane just reminded me that Easter is Sunday.

So let’s pray that this insanity ends here and now before it leads to some sort of conflict – and this huge conflict is being set up for the Economic Reset world wide – which would lead to about 6 months of economic turmoil.

4) Finally – China is selling  rice made of Plastic worldwide and has been doing so now since 2011 and the response by both administrations is to ignore this.

China’s Wuchang Rice has been sold across the world as a “Premier Rice” but is actually made up of Potato Starch and a toxic plastic…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: North Korea – Flash Point For Economic Reset?

Russia Warns North Korean Sub Ready To Attack US, Orders Northern Fleet To Sea

April 11, 2017 By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A fearful Ministry of Defense (MoD) emergency action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today says that President Putin has ordered the Northern Fleet to its highest wartime footing after confirmation was received that a North Korean submarine, believed to be nuclear armed, is currently being chased in the Pacific Ocean waters off the Western Coast on the United States—and whose orders to unleash an attack upon America were broadcast in coded messages by Pyongyang Radio less than 24 hours ago.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]



According to this bulletin, at 00:00 (midnight) (GMT+8:30) local time, Pyongyang Radio began broadcasting to its “members of the remote education university” a massive series of mysterious random numbers—with MoD intelligence experts noting that this broadcast coincided with all known North Korean submarines currently active in the Pacific Ocean region suddenly undertaking combat evasive actions.

Within 6 hours of this North Korean broadcast occurring, this bulletin continues, the MoD reported that US and Canadian anti-submarine warplanes were rapidly converging off the coast of California—with the Pentagon refusing to inform their Federation counterparts as to what was exactly occurring.


Multiple low-flying aircraft including a Navy EP-3E Aries II, which is used for electronic surveillance, a Navy P-3C Orion, which is used for submarine spotting, and a Boeing P-8 Poseidon used for anti-submarine warfare off California


Within 1 hour of these US and Canadian anti-submarine warplanes converging over the Pacific Ocean waters off the coast of California, this bulletin further notes, China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) ordered an emergency deployment of 150,000 troops to its common border with North Korea—and 2 hours later ordered nearly a dozen North Korean ships carrying coal to immediately leave Chinese waters and return to their port of origin.

Source: Russia Warns North Korean Sub Ready To Attack US, Orders Northern Fleet To Sea