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Kent Dunn: In 7 Days To January 14, Choice of Choosing Ends! All Humans Divide to Light or Darkness! – YouTube



The cabal has released the stackables. (Stackable Robot transformers) and is targeting light workers. Light Forces are Furious.

14Jan. Duality will end in 7 days. 7 days to choose your side. after the 14th, Freewill be removed from this planet. You will not have the option.

Either you are Service to Others or you are Service to Self. We will be split from each other. What you sow after the 14Jan is what you will reap.

The Pindar has taken Queen Lizzies head.

Jesus is here with the galactics. And others, Metatron, etc

Next energy blast is on the 14Jan. 2x stronger than this time.