DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Obama Re-Opens War Fronts In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria

Thursday, June 16, 2016

With the recent passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016  the President has been given full authority to start wars without the consent of Congress.

Vidoe: Obama Reopens Wars In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – YouTube

This act has allowed the President to open war fronts in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria while simultaneously conducting a False Flag in Orlando and planning for the next False Flag (San Diego) and recruiting Women into the military

That is a mouth full

The goal here is to create enormous amounts of destruction so he remains in power. Watch for:

1)  Paid US Rioters at more “Trump Rallys” The problem here is Hillary’s Foundation has been frozen so this will have to be paid out of funds controlled by the White House – US Treasury Exchange Stabilization Fund.

2) Another 25-50,000 Paid Violent Muslim Criminals (From Prison)  swarming in to the US on UPS Planes

3) More cuts in the EBT Card and Social Security – he will attack the most vulnerable: Old, Physically Disabled and Retarded (Autistic) living ion their own

4) Large numbers of Street Closures at critical areas

5) More attempts at creating Earthquakes – especially in the Portland to Seattle area – as can be seen on the map below

6) More rolls for Women in US Military  Combat Units

7) US Paid Riots at the Democratic and Republican Rallys
8) Destabilization of the US Dollar with planned Riots/Looting No Later Than 15 September 2016

9) More strange weather – allot more – created by the 55th and 60th Air Wing and Drysden Experimental Aircraft owned by NASA
Like any good FASCIST government – the goal here is now that Congress has given the President powers only reserved for Der Fuhrer he will now do as Der Fuhrer did and take them

Really enlightening – except – we can try and stop this.

Pray that those orchestrating these evils are themselves changed and turn towards the Living GOD and the control devices being used to create this mayhem are disabled.

The Rothchilds and their top Minions are currently in hiding in Patagonia (Argentina), New Zealand, Central Australia and Switzerland. According to Benjamin Fulford on 14 June 2016 they may have stolen all of the English Gold Reserves when they left. So Mighty England is broke.

With the BRIX vote to leave the Euro Nations leading 65 to 35% this may destroy their Evil Power Base as well.

So – your prayers are working. It is all coming unglued and these wars may cease very soon

GOD is winning – they are coming apart at the seems.

God’s is Angels are back and massing – changing every one. The cycle of Hate and Revenge must end.

Call them ET’s, call them Angels (Which Means God’s Children) or whatever you want – your prayers have been heard so keep up your prayers

An angel is a being with Greater Powers than we have who is following GOD and doing his work. That is what the word means so keep up your prayers and the Angels do as GOD directs

Maybe someday we will actually see some but until then please keep up your prayers

Never Give Up
Be ready folks for about 3 months of disruption.

Food, Water, Toilet Paper, Ammunition, Heat, And Communication with your neighbors.

This is why we allow these advertisers below – to allow us to prepare.

The Kelly Kettle is so cool and something we got because we want hot food if “Poodly Poodly” hit’s the fan for a few months.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount









Progress Made in Slow, Tough Fight for Fallujah, OIR Spokesman Says

Obama Allows U.S. Troops in Afghanistan in Combat Roles

H.R.1735 – 114th Congress (2015-2016): National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

Agreement that could lead to U.S. troops in Libya could be reached ‘any day’ – The Washington Post

Agreement that Could Lead to U.S. Troops in Libya Could be Reached ‘Any Day’ – ASHARQ AL-AWSAT

Obama announces extra 250 spec ops troops to Syria – CNNPolitics.com

Earthquakes as predicted:

PNSN Recent Events | Pacific Northwest Seismic Network

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Obama Re-Opens War Fronts In Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria


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