DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trumps Strategy: Watch His Opponenst Implode

Sunday, July 31, 2016


Video: trump Strategy: Watch His Opponents Implode – YouTube

We know that both candidates take their marching orders from the Jesuits

Look at their VP Candidates – both Jesuits to the core

Trump’s Candidate – Military General

Hillary’s VP Candidate – on the board of many Muslim Terrorist Organization

Trump went to a Jesuit College and swore loyalty to the Jesuits and began making Billions (Beck, Jones)

Hillary’s Running Mate is a Jesuit

So the entire election is being called out of Rome by Lucifer through the Jesuits

1) Trump is making plans to “Rebuild” America in the image of the Jesuits

2) Hillary is literally screaming  because her past is being laid wide open.

Trump apparently does not pay his bills very well

Hillary is out murdering Presidents, UN Officials, Ambassadors and purposely destroying America to bring about World War 3 and the elimination of 7 Billion people.

This is not about Hillary vs. Trump

This is about YOU  – and YOUR relationship with GOD – or as the UFO Community States it – the Prime Creator.

Are YOU doing what YOU should be doing?

Are you prepared for what the Jesuits/Masons/Lucifer are about to do to America and thus the world?

Hillary and Trump are just a tools for Lucifer and his destruction of Freedom so we pray that are both liberated form the control of Lucifer

This election is a WAKE UP CALL from GOD to YOU – time to get your life in order



To the most Intelligent, most active, and one of the largest audiences in the world – thank you for watching and may GOD BLESS each and every one of you.
For You Intel Geeks:

Putin, Medvedev, Erdogan (2nd coup) and polish President Andrzej Duda – keep you heads down RIGHT NOW. If  you simultaneously die (Or are Replaced by a Double) the NAZI Party of the US (Obama’s Democrats)  will then  rule the planet almost instantly.

They are 5 people away from World Dominance.

Please watch very closely 4 things:

1) Red Cross Employees and American/Israeli  Embassy employees with large “Packages” in Poland, Russia, and Belarus.

2) The US Air Force Base in Incirlik Turkey and their 90 Hydrogen Bombs and 176 smaller nukes.

3) Troubles in Dagestan, and the region around Kvatary and Vialikaja through Luzany. No electronic devices should be transported by car or truck over the next 30 days. A war in Belarus is the primary target 19 August to kickoff WW3 by the US NAZIs.

4) Russia – there is a port just North of Tatarskiya that is the Primary Import of – shall we say – non conventional Weapons and huge amounts of cash headed to Moscow, Murmanks and perhaps Vladivastok. So while the US is stirring up trouble around the South Chinese Sea the US is infiltrating Russia in the North.

Perfect planning – would you not say???

Russia – you are watching the South, Japan is militarizing the North near the Seroukuk Spur, while the US imports their Dirty Stuff in the middle

Please pray that all these plots are stopped.

Finally – THE RULE OF LAW means: The courts make the Laws, not Congress or the People – but the Courts.

Thus by following the Rule of Law you are ignoring the Constitution and you have NO rights


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Hillary Clinton Gains Millions From Plot Linked To Top US General Fueling War With Russia

Hillary Imploding:

Breedlove Network Sought Weapons Deliveries for Ukraine – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Hillary’s Ukrainian Coup And Murders – another Lucifarian Coup:

Former NATO Supreme Allied Comander Europe Philip Breedlove at a press conference in 2015

Hillary’s Push For a Nuclear WW3:

Breedlove’s war: Emails show ex-NATO general plotting US conflict with Russia — RT America
Another Lucifarian Puppet:

The 700 Cub:

Yes – Even Mr Rogers:

Image result for mr rogers satanic symbol

This election is about YOU and YOUR relationship with GOD.

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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trumps Strategy: Watch His Opponenst Implode


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