DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Pensions Funds At Risk Across US

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

We believe that the Union Pensions Funds across this Great Nation may be at risk to be seized by the US Corporation to fund their empire for yet another couple of months.

Video: All US Pension At Risk – YouTube

In May of this year the US Treasury Department ruled that – thanks to your prayers – the UPS Pension Fund cannot be seized by any other Union and is wholly owned by UPS. Thus this company was spared being raided by another Union

On the other hand – it appears that the United States Corporation is exchanging their US Treasury Bonds for Pension Funds around the world and in every state to keep their empire afloat

Several years ago it was reported that Goldman Sachs stole the Federal Retirement System and now this entire fund is gone as they report that they themselves may be having severe financial problems.

What this means is that the CEOs and their leadership seized all the money

Further – several years ago the US Corporation took control of the Japanese Pension Fund – over 500 Billion in size.

Remember the story about the Teamsters Union having their Pension cut by 50 to 75% because they have no money – too much was funneled out to fund the Democratic Party????

The Treasury has denied the Pension Cuts in these pension funds and YOU, the Tax Payers, must now make up the difference.

What this means is – according to a Law passed on 2014 – is that the Pension Funds now belong to – controlled by — the US Treasury.

So now the Teamsters Pensions Funds, along with any other Registered Union Pension Fund, that cannot meet it’s Obligations,  will now be seized by the US Treasury.

Here – for example – is a letter from IBEW in 2012 stating that their pension funds are in trouble .

The Funding Improvement Plan put forth by the US Treasury Department did not include massive spending to help the Democratic National Convention or the Hillary Campaign. This would amount to the US Treasury Department openly supporting the  Hillary Campaign – not something the US Treasury can afford to do right now

By the way – it is illegal for any registered Union to support any Political Party – so when the local IBEW in Philly made up signs and spent Union Dollars to support Hillary AFTER  their Pension Funds were seized by the US Treasury was really, really stupid.

There is allot of pressure being placed on the US Treasury Department form Overseas Folks right now and here is why:

1)  The US Treasury (Federal Reserve System – They have merged) is spending in a Deficit Mode and no one will support the US dollar any more unless they stop their illegal activities.

2) Hillary – apparently – has been working for the Kazaring MOB to start WW3 and break Russia and China up into little pieces as they kill 90% of the World’s Population.

3) Papa Bush – in 2007 on a large Fishing Boat – spoke to President Putin  about starting a war between the US and China and then Russia invading from the North breaking China up into 6 pieces. IE – see the recent article about Japan threatening Russia.

4) Recently – the Hillary Handlers met with the Chinese to  Create a United States of China including China, Both Koreas,  Japan and Eastern Russia – IE the Live Fire Drills by China last week in the South Chinese Sea.

5) China’s President initially agreed to support Hillary for US President until they spoke with President Putin and realized it was a Double Cross after the Red Dragon Elders had sent their feelers out.

Politics at it’s finest.

So anything the US Treasury is involved in is being Audited by those now accepting worthless US Federal Dollars and since China are now leasing 10,000 tons of Gold to the US to support their New Treasury Dollar the idea that a Pension Fund supporting Hillary that is controlled by the US Treasury Department is hard for the Chinese to swallow.

So now we see the Philly office of the IBEW raided by both the IRS and FBI – a justification to seize all Union Pension Finds and then place all Union Members on Social Security. Thus a Union Member’s Retirement may fall from $3,000 a month (A Friend of Mine) to around $1,200 a month – or even less.

A cop once told me: You sleep with Dogs, you get fleas

In other words – you play with FASCISTS, You get burned really bad

Very Important:

Please note that the letter from the IBEW Local 98 is posted by the DOL.GOV website – the IBEW is at risk for loosing their license to even be a union because of their Theft and Fraud right under the noses of the US Department of Treasury….

Please pray that those Union Workers who have worked all their lives – like a neighbor of mine – are not hurt in this latest US Treasury Shuffle.

Please pray that Hillary and Hillary’s Handlers turn back to GOD immediately.

We – as a race – cannot afford petty squabbling as the entire Globe is at risk either by Nuclear War or the Sun Changes. We need to work together to fix this mess.

To the smartest, most active and one of the largest audiences in the world – we appreciate each and every one of you.

This story came from YOU, the viewers….

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS – Thank you for your prayers.

YOU make the difference.

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For You Intel geeks:

Please notice the IBEW Local Union No. 98 Benefit Fund Office letter is on the DOL.GOV website – Department of Licensing Webpage – they are at risk of loosing their license to even be a union for the Fraud and Theft they have committed.

Please also note that after the Organic Constitution was passed in 1871 and the US Corporation was created the Real US Supreme Court is located in Pennsylvania in Harrisburg – only a few short miles from Philly. A Fact the Chinese and Russians are fully aware of so this crime occurred only a few miles from them.

All Trump has to do to win is watch Hillary’s Campaign implode and keep his head down…

So we pray for both of them that they both turn towards GOD immediately.

The Sun Today – so we pray….we may have some Out Of Towner’s Help – the Angels on this one…

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Pensions Funds At Risk Across US

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