DR WILLIAM MOUNT: NATO Compromised As Turkey Joins W/Russia

Thursday, August 11, 2016

VIDEO: NATO Compromised, Turkey Merges With Russia – YouTube

NATO as an organization is currently being shunned by it’s members and Turkey has just set up a Joint Intelligence Office with Russia.

What this means is that a Major NATO member has now given all Top Secret Information to Russia

Every base location, every access code, every Nuclear Launch Code, every secret location of anything, every secret report (CONPLAN 8010-15), every computer access code, every Drone Frequency and Jump Code has been given to Russia.

NATO and the EU – Both Corporations are run out of the White House – have been 100% compromised.

The Joint Russian/Chinese/Finish/Syrian/Iran (And 7 other nations) computing systems have now downloaded this top secret information as of Last Night.

Not only does the Veterans’ Administration sell ALL Military Records to Anyone for Grant Money to test New drugs on Veterans now NATO has been fully compromised.

Now NATO and ALL Business connected to the US and Federal Reserve System have been completely and totally compromised.
Absolute Sell Outs at the top – what we call High Treason.

All Top Secret Electronic Device Schematics – Compromised.

Al Top Secret Equipment – like the X37B – compromised.

All Submarine location identifiers and launch codes – Compromised

All Top Secret Invasion Plans – Compromised

All Frequencies and Codes needed to shut down out F-15s, F-16s, F-18s, F-35s, X33 Aurora’s – all Compromised.

At the push of One button – all of our jets cease to function.

At the push of One Button all of our 200 Submarines carrying 28,000 Nuclear Weapons become sunken Tin Cans

Absolute Treason, complete compromise of every thing in this nation Inclding Banking Codes

All Internal Access Codes for the Banking System – compromised

At the touch of a Switch Russia could shut down all money transfers within Europe and North America, Australia and New Zealand.

With Obama and Hillary as the Cofounders of ISIS – Russia, China, Turkey, and Syria have every right to shut down these nations Banking Systems.

Further – the Autobatch Files in Hidden Code placed in there while we were still using 8088 Computers – automatically update these Computers every time there is a change in passwords.

Thank you Microsoft for these Top Secret Hidden Security Codes that only a few of us know about.

So suppose Boeing or Monsanto develop a secret type of Scaler Weapons – the design is already uploaded into the Russian, Chinese, Iranian, Turkish (Etc)  ….Computers.

General Dunford and his trip to Incerlick Air Force Base apparently did not impress the Russians or Turkish Presidents


Thank you President Obama, VP Biden and Secretary of State Hillary.

Obama/Hillary killed the dollar, today they kill the military so there is nothing left to defend the dollar

Perverted FASCIST Politics at it’s finest – It Is Called Treason.

Be ready folks…….

Please pray that you and your families are ready

For You Intel Geeks – the US Navy is apparently removing the US  Flag form their uniforms.

First they change to a backwards flag – which means a conquered nation

Now they are removing the flag.


That is why we pray – to remove or change those committing High Treason

So what else is new – we have a traitor who is insane in the White House and he supports a gal for President who is having Seizures and he personally funds ISIS and sleeps with crossdressing men.

Can’t get any worse than that…..

By the way – the father of the Doctor treating Hillary Clinton  for Dimentia suddenly died…..

Another Clinton Critic Bites The Dust

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Be Ready…

Father Of Doctor Treating Hillary Clinton For Dementia Mysteriously Dies

Turkey offers Russia joint operations against ISIL – News from Al Jazeera

16,000 Workers abandoned by the Saudi Royal Family to starve in the desert – please pray they all get home. Thank you India for helping them.

No US Red Cross, No CIA World Vision, No UN relief…..

Saudi Economic Collapse Leaves 16,000 Foreign Workers Abandoned In Labor Camps | Zero Hedge

Erdogen with Putin

This is not a fake picture – Hillary with the Confederate Flag —

Navy.mil – View Image

Navy – under Obama – removes American Flag form uniform::

Papa Bush Part Of Kennedy Assassination – that’s a “Well Duh”

Our Favorite Papa Bush Quote:

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: NATO Compromised As Turkey Joins W/Russia


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