DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Guess Who Needs A Wheel Chair?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


VIDEO: Guess Who Needs A Wheelchair? – YouTube

Apparently she has become so unhealthy and unable to stand without being held up that she now has to travel from place to place with a wheel chair

Of course – getting a picture of her in her wheel chair or even approaching this subject will get any story banned form the internet IF you use her name.

So suffice it to say – The “Female Candidate’s” Handlers have eliminated YOUR ability to speak freely on the internet.

Feel a little like we are living in NAZI Germany?

Imagine what she will do if she becomes President?

Despite the “Male Candidate’s” lead by over 65 points, there is a distinct possibility this Female will be appointed the next US Corporate President.

Look how the Republicans put re-nominated Traitor John McCain a week ago in Arizona despite the fact that he was behind by 30 points according to all real polls.

Do not think the “Male Candidate” is clean either. Here is how CNN destroyed one of his aids:


So while we are all side tracked on this sick election campaign the economy is crashing and the dollar may go away:

1) Federal Jobs Indicators are crashing for again

2) ITT Educational Services just closed it’s doors, leaving 40,000 students in limbo and 8,000 employees jobless when their computer went down yesterday after the feds cut their grants.

Please pray that your family is ready for what is coming

Please also pray that Hillary comes forward to be healed

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

For you Intel Geeks:

Pres Putin: Our ability to warn you is waning as the Net Nanny’s Censor these stories.

The threat is very high against you over the next 7-10 days. You are apparently going to some sort of party – Eat nothing and drink only bottled water you bring.

President Jingpin: Your employees embarrassed Obama and they do not take that lightly.

Your family investments in Real Estates and may be held up in the  buying and selling areas.

Further – your ability to mine Rare Earth Metals, and sell the ore, may be hindered – held up, blocked for various reasons – like – no need for your ore, the price is so low you can’t afford to mine it.

Deal with it.

President Obama – keep your head down 15 September (=- 3 Days) and your Nanny Censorship is now effecting my abilities to warn you so Hasta La Vista Baby, Good By, Welcome to the Happy Hunting Grounds, prepare to merge with the worms – unless you fix this.

Hillary Clinton is very ill—watch her severe coughing fits. – YouTube

Questions about Hillary Clinton’s health – Washington Times

Hillary Drinks

Hillary Clinton “Heart Failure Event” Warned Just Months Away

HILLARY’S WHEELCHAIR — Яндекс: нашлось 265 тыс. результатов

Coming Form Russian News:


Hillary Clinton Caught with Wheelchair Lift in her Scooby Van by Paparazzi Photos | EUTimes.net

The “Female Candidate’s”  Vans:

The “Female Candidate”  must be held up and helped into an SUV:

The “Female Candidate” looking at a New MV-1 Luxury Wheelchair van.

She is in a wheel chair in the passenger’s seat. Note: No Head Rest in her chair and the elevated roof:

Television  Evangelist working for Trump walks out of his own interview because her was caught lying:

Trump surrogate confronted about faked biographical claims – YouTube

ITT Technical Institute Closes:

ITT Tech Is Officially Closing

ITT Stock Plummets as Feds cut grants – goes from around $2.20 to $.40.

ITT Educational Services, Inc. – Investor Relations – About ITT Educational Services, Inc.

Graduation Rates – Bizarre????

Men 17%
Women 17%
Bachelors within 4 Years 0%
Bachelors within 5 Years 0%
Bachelors within 6 Years 17%
Caucasian 0% (0/3)
African American 0% (0/3)
Hispanic 50% (2/4)
Asian/Pacific Islander 0% (0/1)
Native American
Race Unknown 0% (0/1)
International Student

Federal Jobs Rates:

Fed’s-Own Jobs Indicator Tumbles (Again) | Zero Hedge

So watch the slide show Fiasco as the Dollar collapses.

Be ready folks:


IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!




Essential Oils | Uncle Harry’s Natural Products






Jane Mecklenburg – Thrive Life Consultant

Image result for pastor mark burns walks off stage

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Guess Who Needs A Wheel Chair?


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