DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking Shaming In Shanghai The Effect You

Monday, September 5, 2016

Why was the US President was Dishonored in China on Saturday?

Video:Shocking Shaming In Shanghai Saturday – YouTube

Two days ago President Obama landed in China to attend the G-20 meeting there.

When the plane landed the US expected the Red Carpet Treatment.

Instead we can see here that President Obama had to leave the plane through the Emergency Exit at the back of the plane and then many on his Entourage were blocked from attending the G-20 meeting.

Here he can be seen leaving the plane at the rear:

Not only did they not welcome Obama #4 but the airport refused to refuel Air Force One and even to check it’s tire pressures.

After exiting at the rear of the plane several Chinese blocked some of his Enourage from even leaving the Airport as can be seen here:

The Open Disrespect towards the US President in a nation that prides itself on “Respect” was enormous.

This kind of Disrespect by the Chinese is not something that happens over night.

The shooting down of a Cape Canaveral Launch 3 September by a US Navy Drone that would have allowed the Chinese company Beijing Xinwei Technology Group to purchase the Israeli Telecommnications Company Spacecom did help either.

Nor did the mess President Obama ordered for the illegal seizing the Ranch in Oregon for their Rare Minerals – what Chinese President Xi Jingpin’s family is invested it – help the situation
The real problem is that President Barrack Obama has been tasked with destroying the Entire World’s Economy.

This does not sit well with President’s who are very wealthy – not with President Jingin – net worth around $2 Billion – nor with Preisdent Putin – who’s net worth is around $200 Billion Dollars.

Nor does this destruction sit well with the Jinpin Family, heavily invested in Rare Earth Metals – to whom there is not market for the minerals they are currently mining.

The White House handling of the Hammond Ranch Affair by the Foreign Corporation of the BLM by  simply illegally arresting the Hammons openly  so that the Jinping family may mine these Rare Earth Metals really angered the Chinese – it really dishonored their family.

Further – the Chinese and Russians remember their history as if it happened yesterday. The English Occupation of China – eventually leading to many European nations occupying China – is still at the forefront of their mind so the destruction of the European and US Economies is a Revenge brought about for this occupation 100 years ago.

President Putin has not forgotten the US/French/English invasion of Russia in 1918 either and holds it as current history as all Russians do.

Of course – the Attempted Murdering of President Putin and President Jinping by the US Based CIA within last few weeks has not helped any in their relationships with Presdeient Obama reputation either.

President Obama is seen by those in Asia and Russia and Europe as an arrogant Murderer and not really welcome any more anywhere.

So while Obama had to leave exiting through an emergency exit in the back of the plane, President Putin got a warm welcome from the Chinese.

The particular events that occurred Saturday – the Yelling at Obama’s Staff at the Airport – the blocking of part of Obama’s Press Corp from entering the G-20 meeting.

It  is a culmination of anger in Chinese People – A Generational Anger – towards the Political Leaders of the European Nations – especially President Obama.

Now in the final strike against the West — the Gold Backed Yuan becomes part of the International Trade Basket in the IMF and is expected to replace the Dollar, the Euro, Pound and the Yen and  the main currency for international settlements – the SDR – Special Drawing Rights.


Since the Chinese now have their own bank for International Settlements – it is now displacing the IMF all together and is now being used instead of the IMF – it is very likely the US Dollar will now begin to go away beginning on the 30th of September as predicted by Jim Rickards

Please pray that your family is ready for what is coming


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

Remember when the US Army invaded China? Don’t remember marching on Beijing? I do., page 1

Originally China was occupied by British, US (British Corporation), Russia, India, Germany, France, Austro-Hungary, Japan to “Ensure” free trade.

The original I’LL TRY engineer poster in the US Army – a corporation owned by the English Crown – Battle of Beijing, 14 August 1900. There is little forgiveness right now in the Chinese and this is their weakness.

Execution of Chinese Patriots by the British :

Japanese Beheading captured Chinese Fightters in the Boxer Rebellion:

File:Execution of Boxers - A04935.jpg

Oregon Land Fight: Now for the Rest of the Story – The New Media Journal

CHINA Xi Jinping’s family is into rare earths, real estate and public contracts for a billion dollars

Putin’s net-worth is $200 billion says Russia’s once largest foreigner investor – CNN Press Room – CNN.com Blogs

Dollar goes by by???

Is September 30 really “D-Day for the U.S. Dollar” as Jim Rickards is Warning? | Stock Gumshoe

Chinese Official telling an Obama Official: THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, THIS IS OUR AIRPORT

Chinese official Shouts at White House Press aid before G20 – YouTube

US Invasion of Russia 1918 – Russian’s do not forgive either, one of their prime weaknesses

Polar Bear Expedition – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

YUAN to enter IMF SDRs in 25 days. The IMF, however, is about to die as China’s New Bank of International Settlement begins taking over the world’s economy.

The IMF Confirms Yuan Inclusion In SDR Basket At 10.92% Weight, Above JPY And GBP | Zero Hedge

Dishonor By China Towards President Obama:

Barack Obama ‘deliberately snubbed’ by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20 | World news | The Guardian

Obama getting off at the back of the plane. The original SOrch article was pulled by Google – Zeig Heil

China Enraged After Obama Orders SpaceX Rocket Destroyed On Florida Launch Pad

US Navy blowing up a launch ad Cape Canavarel 3 September 2016. The video was pulled, put back up, pulled, put back up…. the war over freedom of speech is now being fought.

The Drone fired something explosive between the Rocket and the Launch Tower that blew the rocket into 1,000 pieces.

SpaceX UFO Explosion – Slow Motion! – YouTube

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Shocking Shaming In Shanghai The Effect You


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