DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Brink Of Annihilation, Cuss & Discuss: Reversing: Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired: World Wide Conflict Accelerates: Bombshell – Dollar Dies This Week????

Friday, September 23, 2016

Brink Of Annihilation, Cuss & Discuss



Video:  Brink Of Annihilation, Cuss & Discuss – YouTube

Thanks to the leaders of the world not doing as GOD had directed them to do 9 years ago we are on the Brink of Total and complete Annihilation

This is a good time to pray and Bind the Spirits of War

This is what is happening:

1) Riots are being started by the CIA in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia – 71% of the rioters arrested have out of state Driver’s Licenses according to the Chief of Police there.

2) The Economy is Tanking – They are out of options – and as a result Banks across Europe and America are now down sizing and laying off people – Wells Fargo, Banco Popular, Deutch Bank, Santander, Caixi Bank, the list goes on and on…..

Leave just as few dollars as you can in the banks at this time.

3) Puerto Rico had 15 “Explosions” across their nation and their electrical grid collapsed. This is payback for allowing US Treasury Notes to go Bust – default. Ted Cruz’s – sworn in as a Texas Senator as a Canadian Citizen – his wife works for Goldman Sachs (Primary Owner of the Federal Reserve System) was supposed to stop this Default – oops!! So Cruz was pulled from the Presidential Race the next day as payback.

Now the people of Puerto Rico must pay for Ted Cruz’s Wife’s mistakes.

4) Obama is urging American’s to give up Freedom and Liberty for Security – the NAZI and Democratic Moto:

The Needs Of The Many Over The Rights Of The Individual

Can we Zeig Heil yet?

5) Los Angels – amid their drought – is caught watering Artificial Turf – Ha Ha – but this absolute Stupidity is encircling America.

6) Trump had the nerve to tell the truth – Oh My God – How Dare He – He Said: “As long as Stupid Leader rule in the US attacks on Americans will continue.”

7) Some Federal Agency is putting out that there is a massive Asteroid that will kill is all – today — yup – 23 – 25 September.

Sounds like another CIA Distraction just like the DINAR Revaluation.

8) US Taunts North Korea – when I was on TV we showed that the US Gave North Korea 128 Nuclear Weapons – John Kerry and Hllry GAVE North Korea 128 Nukes – it was in all the papers in North Korea – and 12 Minute Man 1 Missiles capable of hitting Seattle from North Korea.

This Entire War was planned – using us “Little People” as Pawns.

9) That Pig – John Kerry #1  – gave nukes to Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, North Korea and a dozen other nations. He paid for it with his life and now John Kerry #2 (Fat Chinned Kerry)  is running around in the United Nations accusing Russia of wanting to start a war after HE orchestrated a US Bombing Run against a Syrian Military Base killing both Russian and yrian troops after trying to assassinate President Vladimir Putin two days earlier.


10) Hillary is loosing by over 70 Points and the current Hillary they are using does not even look or sound like Hillary.

If a FASCIST cannot maintain power they will destroy everything. Look at what Hitler did to Germany after he knew he was going to loose the war – he went to Argentina with his staff as his nation was utterly destroyed. There he died in the Patagonia Region several years ago – an old and broken man.

This is what the FASCISTS who control America plan for our nation.

11) The White House Emails have now been analyzed and the First Revelation is that Ian Mullul – who works in the white house scheduling trips for Michelle (Mike) – also works for the “Hillary For President Campaign.”

The Murder, theft and child molestation crimes are now being exposed by America’s Current Regime.

12) Finally – The White House turns on over 1,000 missiles currently surrounding Russia and turns on the over 500 Nuclear Missiles we have In Space in an attempt to start a Massive Nuclear World War they plan to initiate 30 Sep – 1 Oct – the Last Day of the Last Year of Jubilee.
The world has finally concluded you cannot negotiate with Pure Evil – it must be contained or destroyed.


This would never have happened if President Vladimir Putin had done as GOD had asked him to do nine years ago almost to the day.

Eight times the CIA has tried to kill him and eight times he has survived. I am not so sure about the 9th time – which will be 30 September 2016.
This is exactly what GOD said would happen years ago when we discussed this on this channel, on Seattle TV,  on the radio a dozen times, and in print  — to the “T.”

It is time to do some really heavy duty praying for this nation and for your family.

Be Ready folks.

Get your families ready
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

For you Intel Geeks:

I hope you have Lead BVD’s – you are about to become a Roasted Toasted Protein Cake blowing in the wind – you are Cowards

Keep Obama away from Windows – get him underground as much as possible  until after the 15th of October – but you already know this.

Putin, Medvedev – you too.

Whoever is calling the shots needs to be Neutralized immediately. You have NO choice.

This is a life or death situation. You decide how to play your cards


World On Brink After Obama Activates Missile Shield, Prepares Weapons For Space


🔴 ASTEROID ALERT 🔴 SEPTEMBER 23rd to 25th 2016 – YouTube


Tom Lehrer – We Will All Go Together When We Go – YouTube


Retired Green Beret Warns “We Haven’t Been This Close To Nuclear War In A Long Time” | Zero Hedge

US missile defense shield goes live in Europe – Global Agenda – News –

US missile defense shield goes live in Europe – Global Agenda – News –

TASS: World – US blocks Russia’s draft resolution on non-deployment of arms in space — diplomat

No-fly zone would ‘require war with Syria and Russia’ – top US general — RT America

Russia Is Concerned About America’s Far-Off Space Weapons | Motherboard

Ten seconds from London to Moscow, Thermo Nuclear Armed:

Scram Jet -Seven Seconds Form Alaska To Seattle:

Kremlin’s National Defense Command Center:

Moscow Slams Washington Over Development of ‘Prompt Global Strike’ System

Moscow Slams Washington Over Development of ‘Prompt Global Strike’ System


Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Brink Of Annihilation, Cuss & Duiscuss


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Reversing: Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired



Video:Reversing That Sick And Tired Feeling – YouTube

It is an Epifrikin Demic

When I was disabled out of the Army I spent 6 months in bed almost every day sick Lyme disease, malaria, you name it – I came up positive for it. I know how you feel.

We started this You Tube Channel to help save lives – that means YOUR Life as well.

All around you the news is depressing – wars, rumors of war, meteor strikes, Nibiru destroying Planet Earth, economic collapse

Then there is the food teat you are eating – all GMO designed to kill you.

You try supplements of all kinds

You try herbs of all kinds

Your friends leave you – they don’t believe you – they think you are nuts.

Your Doctor says you have Fibrmyalgia – which means – you are sick and tired – so he gives you one pill, then 2 pills, then 4, 8, 12 different pills a day — many of them for the depression caused by the medications you are taking

Your doctor has more medical diagnosis that carter has liver pills.

You get sicker and he gets richer.

Look in the mirror – If this is not who you want to be then


Change is scary but if you want to break out of the Sick And Tired Mess then change.

It is Your Choice – more sick and tired

We show you the products we eat to make us feel better in the video

I make no money off of any of these products – but Get The Tea is adding to our find to build our Free Cancer Clinic if you access their website through our videos.

To me – it just seems sick to make money off of the sick.

So watch this video and learn how both my wife and I are now feeling much better.

Pray that YOU learn how to feel better very quickly and welcome back to the Human Race.

YOU ARE important to God.

YOUR PRAYERS ARE important to helping change planet Earth.

YOU ARE the solution.

The News YOU need

Dr William B. Mount

IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!


Go to our videos to access the Get The Tea and Food For Liberty non GMO food stuff and you actually save money and all profits go towards curing cancer.

World Wide Conflict Accelerates


Please begin by praying that these stories are not blocked – not censored in any way –


The Video:   World Wide Conflict Accelerates – YouTube

The Syrian war has been going on for many, many years now..

We know that the US started the war and is attempting to redesign the boarders in the Middle East so it began this insane war in the Middle East and it has been going on now since 9/11/2001 – 15 years.

The war accelerated when on February 24th  on this year  Two US Launched Missiles took out the Russian High Command in Syria during a very important meeting – dozens of Russian Generals were killed

We warned the Russians but – they took NO heed to these warning from the Living GOD.

About a week ago the US Launched a 1 hour attack on a Syrian Base – a Base containing Syrian Soldiers and Russian Soldiers and at least one Russian General

The very next day Russia took out the US Underground Command Center in Aleppo Syria – a City of over 2 ½ Million now reduced to 50,000 people.  This base contained  High Ranking Soldiers of at least 5 different nations and several hundred US Intelligence Officers – not 50.

Two nights ago we heard a man on Rick Wiles Show named Dr Raul Borges – a Medical Doctor working for the Red Cross Blood Bank in Puerto Rico – claim a Meteor was headed for the oceans between Florida and Puerto Rico to obliterate the Caribbean Islands and kill many people in the US along the Coastal Regions of the South Eastern US.

We immediately notified President Putin by Private Email, the Russia Air Force, the Israeli Defense Force to stop this supposed “Meteor – a US Air Based Nuke.

We also warned President Obama on his Face Book Page not to launch this “Nuclear Missile.”

You never saw the Missile or Meteor – did you???

The world Owes Rick Wiles and his hosts a great bit of gratitude for saving millions of lives world wide for his efforts.

Dr. Morales Borges working for the Red Cross (CIA Owned) further stated the following:

A)…12+ Earthquake on US East Coast planned for 4 October to obliterate the Eastern Sea Board – so Obama can cancel Elections

B)… We have been told that this may be when the US Plans on sending in an Underwater Torpedo to the “Island De La Palma” of the off of the African Coast to cause it to fall into the ocean – creating a Huge Tidal Wave set to kill Hundreds of Millions of people around the world – from Spain to Maine.

This US Submarine is from the fleet just North of Katchikan Alaska and is a very new US Submarine Design — that can actually be cloaked but the wake behind it can be detected.

They were Russian Allies From “OUT OF TOWN” who stepped in and neutralized the Nuke upon launch from above Oregon. It was supposed to “Streak Across America” and land in the ocean.

C)…On the 19th of November I think he said that the President of Puerto Rico Alejandro Padilla was then to be killed.

Please keep in mind that Puerto Rico is unincorporated and their current president – which that can not vote for – is Barrack Obama and the bonds they defaulted on are US Treasury Bonds.

D)…December 4th – a US vs China/Russian War where the Nukes Fly.

Please keep in mind two things:

1st: Obama #4 is a Speech Reader – that is all. It is his CIA Handlers that are running the US Corporation.

2: The Original “Hellry” is Brain Dead and in a coma – caused by her “Fake Collapse.” She later collapsed while drinking a glass of wine and laughing at us “LITTLE PEOPLE.”

3- “Hellry” and her 3 Doubles are connected with a Computer Ship located in their Frontal Lobes so all 3 Doubles are also effected.

4. Out comes the Unconnected 40 year old “Hellry” saying “Hi, Nice Day” to every one – she is very stupid, has no gravel in her voice, and no wart on her left lip.

If the debate occurs tomorrow night it will be with a Stupid and Young Hellry

5: All Trump has to do to destroy Hellry and end the debate with a huge win is say: “That’s Not Hellry, where is the real Hellry?”
Enough – we need prayer.

Pray for your families and be ready folks

Pray that Lucifer and his minions are completely neutralized and pray that President Clnton comes and we will heal him and turn him back to GOD.
For You Intel Geeks:

You know where the Real Noah’s Arc is – it was show in the 1974 movie “In Search Of Noah’s Arc” which you pulled.

You have the Egyptian Golden Chariot Wheel  in the back of the museum – but you dare not move that

You are too stupid to ask where Queen Nephrotiti’s Left Eye at El Amarnen is where all of the Syrias A Technology is stored

You have never come to ask where in Iran the oldest and most powerful military base is either

Your top secret military base “The Castle” in the Ocala National Forest is of no help in your searches nor are the “Top Secret” weapons they are currently testing

Finally – Israel – if you want to move the Arc Of the Covenant – which sits under the exact place where Yeshua was crucified – you might want to call and ask. Otherwise – there will be large amounts of destruction that will begin within your boarders. So GOD has said it, so it shall begin.

You morons should not have tried to kill President Putin 8 times – and then blasted a base containing at least one general – bad move CIA

The News YOU Need

Dr William B. Mount


The Interview With The Red Cross Doctor:

TRUNEWS 09/23/16 Dr. Raul Morales Borges | A Fireball is Coming

May GOD bless Rick Wiles and his Cohosts – Millions of people owe their lives to them for their efforts.

U.S. Admits Airstrike in Syria, Meant to Hit ISIS, Killed Syrian Troops – The New York Times

Ocala National Forest – Home

New Middle East:

Puerto Rican Government:

Puerto Rico Government

President Barack H. Obama (since 20 January 2009)
Vice President Joseph R. Biden (since 20 January 2009)
Governor Alejandro García Padilla
Resident Commissioner Pedro Pierluisi
President of the Senate Eduardo Bhatia
Speaker of the House of Representatives Jaime Perelló


IMMUSIST – Assist Your Immune System Today!




Jane Mecklenburg – Thrive Life Consultant



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