DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Left Goes Looney As Right Begins Mop Up

Thursday, January 5, 2017


VIDEO: Left Goes Looney A Right Begins Mop Up – YouTube

The news is all over the board today but it appears that the Left has gone absolutely insane as the Right tries to mop up the mess the Satanic Left Wingers have created over the last 16 years.

So here is the daily wrap-up in the news.

In the lead Story:

Yesterday four Black teens were arrested for kidnapping and torturing an Autistic Child for 48 hours

four black teenagers – all 18 years old – stole a van and drove it into Chicago, convincing their “Friend” from school to go with them. When they arrived they tied him up and began to torture him, live streaming it on Facebook screaming “F” White People and “F” Trump.

What is amazing is that this poor Autistic child was friends with one of the Blacks named Britney, a Paid Member of Black Live Matters.

So – if the FBI knows that Black Lives Matters is a Terrorist Group – why have they not yet shut them down yet?

Over 4,331 shootings in Chicago last year – 12 per day – and most of the shootings were done using FBI provided Pistols.

The tighter the Gun Laws – the more shootings, rapes and murders there are.

Second – Congress introduces a Nation Wide Concealed Weapons Carry Reciprocity Bill. What this means is that if you have a Concealed Pistol Carry License you can cross state boundaries and still carry the concealed pistol.

This law would do more to reduce crime than any other law on the books.

Third – US Senator Mike Enzi  introduced a resolution to repeal Obama Care. This means no mandatory chipping o f the American Population as stipulated on page 3 of the Obama Care agreement with the public as we showed in a previous video.

Almost all of the Obama Care patients were merely previous Medicare Patients and VA Patients. In other words – the Health Care Bill simply consolidated the Health Care into one huge monopoly that has fallen flat on it’s face.

If you were in the VA Health Care System or of Medicare you were automatically transferred to Obama Care and all medical costs were then tallied and when you die the charge is tacked on to your estate.

This “Obama Care” is the biggest hindrance to employment in the United States that has ever been thrown into the mix

Fourth – Trump tells Toyota – Build Your New Plant In America Or Face A Huge Boarder Tax

Doing exactly what China,  Japan, and most other nations in the world do – Trump will begin charging Tariffs to import foreign made cars.

Tit for Tat. You charge a 100% Importation Tax for foreign made automobiles then the United States Corporation will do the same thing.

Level the playing field. No more taking advantage of the American Worker.

Please keep in mind that the US Inc filed for Bankruptcy in 1933 and did so again in 2005, thus being under the thumb of the IMF. Note the circle around the $1 Dollar Bill but not the $20 Dollar Bill.

So all of these Tariffs must be run trough the IMF (A French Owned Corporation) and then the US Congress is told how to act and how to vote.

Unless the New President Trump initiates actions the US Inc Corporate Bankruptcy will last through the year 2075. This is why US Savings Bonds were allowed to default in Puerto Rico this year. The US Inc is bankrupt.


Fifth – The story changes about Russian Hacking of the Election as the US Senate begins to grill members of the US Intelligence Community about the Alleged Russian Hacking of the American Election.

It began with James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence and one really bad scum bag, and several others being asked about the “Russian Hacking” by none other than the Traitor Senator John McCain – who won his election through Voter Fraud???

James Clapper, Marcel Letter, Undersecretary of Defense, and Admiral Mike Rogers of the US Navy Cyber Command all lied under oath.

So riddle me this you over stuffed Directors – if the VA sells the records of all Active Duty Military  and Homeland Security personnel world wide for Medical Grant Moneys – how does this not compromise National Security????

It was very shocking on May of 2007 when I checked into and found out that the Marriot’s Hotel in Vienna next to the Old World Courts they had my complete Military and Diplomatic Record File in their computer and they called me  “Your Eminence.” I backed away from the counter and realized I was the only one there and that is when they told me what records they had of me in their computer.

When I visited Canada on the Ferry in late 2007 the Boarder Patrol stopped me and grilled me and my full Military and Diplomatic Record were posted on their computers – along with the fact that I had been to Russia to stop a Nuclear War.

Why would you Overstuffed DirectorS not solve this problem before you tackled Russian Hacking Into voting machines????

Why do you still allow ALL Military and Homeland Security – and CIA/FBI records to be sold world wide?

If you work for the CIA or FBI your records are also around the world – they sell them for money. This is why you have been compromised at every level for the last 20 years. Look no further than those at the top. They are not only aware of these facts but get Kick Backs for these actions.

Maybe you three have an Agenda that is detrimental to the American People and this needs to be solved by putting you 3 before War Tribunals, along with Senator Traitor John McCain?

These war tribunals are coming.


Please pray that these Tribunals of these American Traitors begin As Soon As Possible

Please also pray that your families are ready for any emergency – – 30 degree weather, torrential Tornadoes, flooding, riots, etc.

Please also continue to send Love and Gratitude to the White House Employees.

Some people pray through an Ommmmm, some through the Huuuuuu – I just pray.


The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount




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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Left Goes Looney As Right Begins Mop Up

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