Feb19 Disclosure Report – Kutcher’s Fake Tears, Flynn Out, McCains Gross, Antarctica Caution – YouTube

Published on 19 Feb 2017

Is Ashton Kutcher fronting for Clinton Foundation 2.0, headed by John McCain? Is that John McCain is crying about Trump on CNN? Wikileaks might not be compromised after all. Are the deep state elite’s using a false flag, partial alien disclosure as a card against higher level arrests? Questions discussed in today’s video.

Work Referenced in Video:
America get’s Punk’d by Kutcher – http://bit.ly/2m1buUj
Rob Steele: Flynn fired for pedo list – http://bit.ly/2lpSP6B
George Webb YouTube channel – http://bit.ly/2kWWeqi
David Wilcock Endgame Pt. II – Antarctic Atlantis and Ancient ET Ruins – http://bit.ly/2m1qD7R

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