Take Your Detox to the Next Level with Traditional Chinese Medicine | Galactic Connection

Mar 20, 2017

Many of us concentrate on detoxing our bodies from the numerous environmental and metabolic chemicals that clog us up through practices like drinking water, or taking sitz baths, but from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM-based) theory, if we are feeling sluggish or sick, we’ve got a blood and or Qi deficiency.


Masters of Chinese Medicine understand that we only thrive in our full health when we boost and balance the yin (blood) and yang (qi) of the energetic/physical bodies. This usually boils down to a deficiency in one, or both. This deficiency is what causes a myriad of diseases as varied as bad acne to full morbidity.


As the Chinese Taoist Sage Lao Tzu once stated, “The human body is only Jing (ancestral essence), Qi (energy), and Shen (spirit). These are the three treasures. These three treasures are complete as a human being. In order to attain true health and happiness, you must value them.”

Before explaining more about how to boost blood/qi, we need to understand a little about the types of Qi, or life-force energy as it is explained in TCM. There are two types: Congenital Qi which we are born with and Acquired Qi which we can get from the food we eat, the air we breathe, physical exercise, the balancing of our emotions, etc.

We can do little about Congenital Qi, acquired from the actions and thoughts of our parents and grandparents (which appears as our tendency toward the same thoughts and lifestyle choices), but muchabout Acquired Qi.

Congenital Qi is thought to be stored in the kidneys, and determines our basic constitution. It is composed of the Jing essence and Yuan(Original Qi).

Acquired Qi is a combination of:

  • Gu Qi – the essence of food we eat,
  • Kong Qi – the air we breathe, and the way we breathe
  • Zong Qi – called the gathering Qi, and finally
  • Zhen Qi – a composite of Ying Qi and Wei Oi (Nutritive and Defensive Qi), and finally…

Source: Take Your Detox to the Next Level with Traditional Chinese Medicine | Galactic Connection

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