Google, Facebook Fuming Over New Bill


For years this Politically Correct group of Internet Controllers has been selling personnel information about it’s users – from food tastes to bank account data.

So linked has this become that after opening accounts up on the Video Channels Daily Motion, Vidme, and Steemit my accounts were blocked within 24 hours of posting my first videos – kittens playing.

In fact – they have tied several accounts together without my permissions – linking bank account numbers with other bank account numbers.

Now the BROWSER ACT has been introduced by Republican  Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee that mandates that people must explicitly give permission before they sell their information or tie Bank Accounts together.

Of course – Google, Facebook and Amazon will fight back and are likely to ignore any legislation that restricts their use of the Internet for Their Purposes.

This bill will, of course, give President Trump a good reason to arrest the leaders of these Mega Corporations for Treason come this October.

In other news:

First: White House Communications Director has resigned. Yup – Mike Dubke is leaving simply because he has gathered all of the Information about all of these leakers and will now work directly with some special prosecutors to build cases against these 3 Leakers.

These 3 Traitors, and all of their accomplices, will now go down in about 5 months.

Finally: There were several dozen Illegal Aliens protesting outside the Texas Legislature and the Governor
did nothing.

Governor Greg Abbot sat back and watched like a Literal Simpleton.

Apparently Congressman Matt Renaldi had had enough of this Violent Protesting dialed 911 and Called ICE.

Democratic Congressman Nevarez, after finding out what he did in Private, became upset and threatened to kill him when he went out to his car – to which Congressman Renaldi said: Got For It – I am armed you creep.

Oh Governor Simpleton Greg Abbot of Texas – you have an Obligation to have Congressman Nevarez – you have a “Duty To Engage” and arrest Congressman Navarez arrested for Assault and Battery???

Hello Governor Abbot – Hello Wimpy Simpleton Abbot???

As an Ambassador – Governor of Texas – Simpleton Abbot – you are a disgrace to Texas and to America. You making those who fought at the Alamo turn over in their graves.

For You Intel Geeks:

One of the three people who leaked FAKE stories about President Trump while he was in Europe also has access to his Calendar and she is very busy trying to set up this meeting between the President and Vive President 8 June (+-3 Days).

You will find that one of her contacts is Military and has access to Micro Nukes.

Please pray that President Trump is protected.

Please also pray that your family is protected in what is coming.

Please also pray that President Trump is informed that his brain leaks – is easy to read – and as long as he continues on this course he has my 100% support.


The News You Need

The Wall Of Truth

Dr William B. Mount

Blackburn’s Browser Act: Google, Facebook Need Data Consent | The Daily Caller

Trump’s White House Communications Director Has Resigned

Texas Democrat Threatens To Kill Republican On Legislative Floor After He Called ICE On Protesting Illegal Immigrants | Zero Hedge

Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Google, Facebook Furious Over New Bill

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