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Trump Triumphs Again, CIA Does Soft Disclosure – Dr William Mount

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


VIDEO:  Trump Triumphs Again As CIA Conucts Soft Disclosrue – YouTube

Trump Triumphs and is currently negotiating with the American Petroleum Institute to add another 800,000 jobs to the American economy.

According to Jack Gerard, President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, the addition of off shore Petroleum and Natural Gas Production would add another 800,000 jobs to the American Economy and over $200 Billion a year to Federal Coffers.

Add this to the Oil Pipe Line coming form North Dakota and the Addition of Texas and California Petroleum the us would not only have it’s trade deficit eliminated in 1 year it would be able to push it’s New Dollar: Buy Cheap Oil using the Dollar or buy crude at twice the price using the Yuan.

The combined total job increase would be well over 2 Million in manufacturing jobs.

If they again opened the Largest Chrome Mine in history – America would again begin to dominate the World’s Economic System.

When tax laws are then changed America would again become the largest Coal and Iron exporter in the world.

Imagine the possibilities once the Trumpster is sworn in???

Pray that Obama and his Satanic NAZI allies are flattened for the next 10 days.

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DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Trump Adds Jobs As Retail Collapses

Monday, January 9, 2017


President Elect is to add another million jobs to America as Retail across the nation falls apart.

First – The Trumpster has convinced Toyota to invest $10 Billion in America to create 1 Million Manufacturing Jobs in America.

For years there has been 6 jobs for every manufacturing job – so currently 12 Million Jobs would sustain 72 Million Jobs.

So now –  over a 5 year period – Toyota has agreed to create one million jobs in America.

With the current Tax Load and Tax Structure – nothing makes sense.

As for the IRS – they are a Foreign Owned Corporation and are not licensed in any state to operate and therefore taxes are voluntary — but do not test this unless your taxes are all paid up and you have a billion dollars off shore to fight this.

Second – The Trumpster has just negotiated a deal with Fiat-Chrysler to invest $1 Billion Dollars into the plant in Warren Michigan where they make the New Jeep Wrangler and Large SUVs.

Yup – the New Jeep Wrangler will be 100% American Made.

Third – The Trumpster has asked the Chinese to make parts headed for America in America or face tough tariffs.

China – You charge 100% tariffs on American made products  – we will charge 100% tariffs on Chinese made products coming into America

Tit for tat – equalize the playing field.

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