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Awans Had Access To Email Of Every Member Of Congress, Sold Information

Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Fox Business Network on Monday where he dropped a new bombshell: not only did the Awans had access to the emails of every member of Congress, Imran Awan reportedly sold information to still unknown parties, which the FBI is currently investigating…


Judge Nap: ‘Justice Scalia Said Obama Was Spying On Supreme Court’

The Worse than Watergate wiretapping scandal just got a whole lot more more serious for Barack Obama. Judge Napolitano told Fox Business on Monday that Justice Scalia, before his death, told him that “serial wiretapper” Obama was illegally “surveilling the Supreme Court.”

Responding to the Fox host Maria Bartiromo’s claim that these are “very strong allegations,” Judge Napolitano rolled his eyes and said “Well they are most likely true,” before launching into his scathing assessment of the Obama administration’s record.

Judge Napolitano said: “Justice Scalia told me that he often thought the court was being surveilled. And he told me that probably four or five years ago.”

Surveillance, acquisition of information, unmasking, accessing information.”

Bartiromo asked Judge Napolitano, “Why would the Obama information, using government resources, spy on anyone running against Hillary Clinton? That is just wrong.”

Napolitano said, “You are exactly correct. It is the use to which the raw intelligence data can be put that makes it criminal.

“If they had to unmask Senator Paul’s name to reveal a conversation he was having with a foreign agent and the foreign agent was harmful to the United States they can do that. That’s not what he’s talking about. They’re talking about unmasking him when he’s having a conversation with his campaign manager when he’s running in the Republican primary.“…

Source: Judge Nap: ‘Justice Scalia Said Obama Was Spying On Supreme Court’

CNN Confirms Judge Napolitano Was Right About British Intelligence Spying on Team Trump 

Judge Napolitano

One month ago, Judge Napolitano said on Fox and Friends that three intel sources told him that former president Obama used British spies to get surveillance on Trump.“Three intelligence sources have informed Fox News that President Obama went outside the chain of command.  He didn’t use the NSA, he didn’t use the CIA, he didn’t use the FBI, and he didn’t use the Department of Justice.  He used GCHQ.”

“What the heck is GCHQ? That’s the initials for the British spying agency. They have 24/7 access to the NSA database.”

“So by simply having two people go to them saying, ‘President Obama needs transcripts of conversations involving candidate Trump, conversations involving president-elect Trump,’ he’s able to get it, and there’s no American fingerprints on this.”

Two days later in a opinion piece, the Judge wrote

Sources have told me that the British foreign surveillance service, the Government Communications Headquarters, known as GCHQ, most likely provided Obama with transcripts of Trump’s calls. The NSA has given GCHQ full 24/7 access to its computers, so GCHQ — a foreign intelligence agency that, like the NSA, operates outside our constitutional norms — has the digital versions of all electronic communications made in America in 2016, including Trump’s. So by bypassing all American intelligence services, Obama would have had access to what he wanted with no Obama administration fingerprints…

Source: CNN Confirms Judge Napolitano Was Right About British Intelligence Spying on Team Trump | Opinion – Conservative

Trump Wins! Judge Napolitano Just Dropped A New Bombshell That Could Have Obama In Handcuffs!


Saturday, March 18, 2017 2:14 (Before It’s News)The Conservative Tribune reports, Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano dropped a bombshell Tuesday when he said that former President Barack Obama may have used a foreign spy agency to surveil President Donald Trump, a move that would have basically eliminated any trail leading back to the former president’s administration.Andrew Peter Napolitano is the Senior Judicial Analyst for Fox News Channel, commenting on legal news and trials, and is a syndicated columnist whose work appears in numerous publications, such as Fox News, The Washington Times, and Reason.What do you think about this video? Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more breaking news from BIN!

Source: Trump Wins! Judge Napolitano Just Dropped A New Bombshell That Could Have Obama In Handcuffs! (Video) | Prophecy

Judge Nap: Obama Used British Spy Agency To Spy On Trump – Your News Wire


Judge Nap has accused the Obama administration of going outside the chain of command, seeking help from Britain’s GCHQ to wiretap Donald Trump. 

Judge Andrew Napolitano told Fox News that former President Barack Obama used the British spy agency to bypass the normal checks and balances with the NSA and CIA in order to obtain transcripts of telephone conversations with Trump.

According to Judge Nap, Congress may never be able to prove that Obama tapped Trump’s phone due to the fact that he bypassed the U.S. spy agencies, thus leaving no paper trail of his crimes….

Source: Judge Nap: Obama Used British Spy Agency To Spy On Trump – Your News Wire

Judge Napolitano: Obama Wiretapped Trump Without A Warrant – Your News Wire

Judge Andrew Napolitano claims that Barack Obama was definitely surveilling Donald Trump during the election, and also revealed that Obama ordered wiretaps by himself without going through an intelligence agency or court to get a warrant. 

Former President Obama had the power to order the NSA to wiretap anyone at any time, Judge Napolitano said on Lou Dobbs Tonight, taking it upon himself to clear up the misinformation being spread by mainstream media on the issue of Obama’s involvement in the “Worse than Watergate” surveillance of Trump during the election.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding that there is around this story, but the statute is very clear. This is the statute that creates the FISA, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court, and that statute says, “notwithstanding anything in this statute, the President of the United States may order the surveillance of anybody on the United States of America, upon the filing of a certification by the Attorney General that it relates to national security, a filing that no one can read, not even the judges with whom it is filed.

Judge Napolitano was just getting warmed up, and he continued educating the mainstream media about the law – and what Obama was really up to during his time in the Oval Office.

The notion that Obama would have to ask the FBI to get a search warrant? Out of the question.

The FBI has nothing to do with this, they are interested in law enforcement.

The idea that he would have to go to a FISA court to do this – out of the question.

Why would he go to the FISA to do something that he himself has the right to do.”

The idea that they actually had to tap Trump? Out of the question.

Because every phone call on every mobile device and landline, every keypad touch of every mobile device and desktop, every piece of digital information that flows into and out of the US on fibre optics, is captured in real time digitally by the NSA.

The NSA is in the Pentagon, it works for the President.

According to Napolitano, when Obama asked the NSA for the transcript of any phone conversation between any two citizens of the United States, the NSA would have it on his desk in no time at all.

Source: Judge Napolitano: Obama Wiretapped Trump Without A Warrant – Your News Wire

‘Planes’ Hitting Twin Towers were Computer Graphics | EU

Thu 3:47 pm UTC, 25 Nov 2010

Look carefully at the underbelly of the plane.  See anything odd?

Before seeing what that might be, first look at all the TV and movie evidence that someone knew 911 was coming, even ten years before it happened.

See how many Illuminati signals there were foretelling 911 in movies and TV shows.

If it wasn’t an inside job, how did they all know about what was coming? If they knew, why didn’t they prevent it? Also note that David Icke’s wife told TV in 1995 that ‘there will be a serious attack on a major US city between the years 2000 and 2002.’

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