DR WILLIAM MOUNT: Global Reset Nears, US Ports Re-Open

Thursday, June 30, 2016

The negotiations between the East and the West are moving ahead very quickly

Video: Global Reset Near, US Ports Re-Open – YouTube

So as you can see – the Tacoma Port is now open and has been for about 10 days.

The 2 month “Silent Embargo” has reopened a bit for the importation of critical parts – like Car Parts.

That is Great News!!!!

Some other great news is that:  It was reported that Deutch Bank had filed bankruptcy papers six months ago and this would destroy the Euro. What we did not know is that quietly the Chinese Bankers (Red Dragons)  got ahold of these bankers  and are dealing with their $75 Trillion in Worthless Hedge Funds and Derivatives.

In addition – the BREXIT Vote (Real Vote Was 67 to 33) is designed to have England pull out of the Euro Zone and draw close to the Untied States Corporation and away from the European Union Corporation.

This is why all those who spoke to the Public in English at the latest meeting of the Eurropean Union are in favor a a quick exit of Britain form the EU. They wish this whole economic mess to be fixed as soon as possible.

One other thing that slipped form the mouths of these Euro Nation folks at the Conference Yesterday (Merle’s Assistant) is that the Euro Nations are run out of Washington DC.

The Links are provided below.

Thus both NATO and the Euro Nation Corporation are controlled out of the White House – or more correct – CIA Head Quarters at Langley

One last thing that the Langley Fudge Boys must realize – if it is not done GOD’s way it will fail and they will be the ones GOD is going to go after.

Just be ready for two things:

1) Huge Inflation – food prices double withing 1 year – perhaps go up by as much as 4 times.

2) Food Shortages – Empty Shelves. This is why the US army is training to restock food shelves and round up looters during Jade Helm 16

Be ready folks –

Look at the links below and save on food and please subscribe.

The more subscribers – that more money we can spend to help those with Cancer, Autism, etc.

On a personal note – when a person calls back and says they can See again or their cancer is gone or their Autistic Child says their first word –  – what a real joy it is. It is at those times your faith really goes up.

That love they show “I Can See Again” – it makes up for all the harassment I receive trying to put out these videos so thank you….

When an assassin is stopped from killing Trump, Or Obama, or Putin then we know we are on the right track –

And than you for all your prayers.

Pray your family will be safe and that those on top are turned back to GOD, even Hillary and Obama’s Handlers.

We will win – I read the last chapter.

Dr William B. Mount



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