Cosmic Disclosure: From Venus to Antarctica – Sphere-Being Alliance

Season 5, Episode 8

09 Jul 2016 : 22:54

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David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. And I’m here with Corey Goode.

I’m actually learning a lot myself by talking to him about this, because even though we discuss some of these things on the phone, I’ve never really gotten to see it all laid out like this. It is a tragic story.

In fact, I would say this is probably the greatest drama of any of Corey’s accounts that we’ve had since he was first taken to Mars and was captured and almost killed before he got portaled out.

So Corey, welcome back to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So where we last left you, you have now been in the bus with Kaaree on the way back from this meeting in the Kuiper Belt in which this man who becomes The Wrangler later on in our story and Gonzales were both sitting there. And they’re looking at intel, but they don’t want to tell you anything, which means you and I, and, thus, our audience and everybody else, is getting cut off from valuable stuff.

And everything we’ve been hearing is that this is all building up to some epic defeats of the Cabal on Earth, some stuff that we want to know more about.

Corey: Right.

David: So did you get any sense of the progress towards the exposure and defeat of the Cabal from any of these briefings at all?

Corey: It sounded as though everything was still status quo on the negotiation side, but there was beginning to come . . . Information about Antarctica was starting to come out. And there was a little bit of that in there, but that really developed more later.

David: The Wrangler and Gonzales started to give you information about Antarctica?

Corey: Right, that . . . Well, Antarctica and more information about . . . That was actually the time I was given information about bases, the underground bases in Brazil and Argentina, that Cabal groups were going into like ants, bringing supplies and all kinds of stuff.

And I was told about the rift system that ran from Antarctica and connected to enough . . . another rift system that ran underneath South America, Central America, on up to the United States. And part of . . .

David: These rifts are in the ocean, and they’re like traversable tunnels with water in them?

Corey: These are actual tectonic rifts that, you know, like a rift, and . . .

David: A crack between the plates of the Earth.

Corey: Right. And some of the area was completely underwater. In some areas, they had built out towards the top little bases or outposts. But the area was so incredibly huge.

And they described what they call ‘black subs’ that were the size of container ships that carried shipping containers full of beans, bullets – everything needed. And they were traveling underwater, propelled electromagnetically underwater, through this rift system all the way to Antarctica where they had a port.

David: All right. I want to bring this to your attention, Corey, because I don’t know if I’ve ever said this to you. My insider, Bruce, who I met through Hoagland, who’s a major part of the new book “Ascension Mysteries”, told me that he may be leaving, that he may have to go to Argentina or somewhere in South America.

And when I asked him why – now remember, this is the guy who worked for the Reagans – he told me that they are moving everything out of North America, Europe, all that. They’re migrating down there. And it’s because there is this massive effort against them from Putin – is how he was explaining it.

Then we independently had Pete Peterson basically tell me the same thing, not that he was going to be leaving, but that there is a massive transportation of all kinds of assets, personnel, personal items from high level Cabal people.

They’re moving their houses, their families, their staff, everybody. They’re trying to hide out. Now why do you think, or were you told, why are they hiding out?

Corey: Well, because of the way things were going for them, was what I was told at this meeting. But later on, I was told that they, at least some of them that were headed down to Antarctica, had the belief that there was going to be some sort of solar kill shot or huge plasma waves that were going to hit the Earth.

And since they couldn’t escape the Earth at the time, they were going to hide out under the ice shelf.

David: And this gets back to the Hindu Zoroastrian Christian prophecy of the so-called glory Lord of this big solar flash event.

Corey: Correct.

David: Okay. So, but can you also corroborate the intel that I got from Bruce and Peterson that these people feel like there’s going to be some epic public defeat of them, exposure of them, and that’s part of why they’re on the run?

Corey: Oh, yeah. They’re . . . This is the part of the Cabal that is not negotiating. Part of . . . There’s part of the Cabal that’s negotiating with the Earth Alliance, and then there’s another part that is not up for negotiation. Don’t even consider it.

David: Okay. So let’s now move forward on this. And what is the next noteworthy thing that happens? Did you talk to Kaaree and find out more about what Gonzales was up to while he was in the Inner Earth?

Corey: Yes. And that had occurred a little earlier. The conversations I was having with Kaaree were after she had told me that Gonzales was not only made things to where only he went to this outpost, this Ancient Builder Race outpost that was working, operational – he had them take only him to that and also to another meeting right after, which was very similar.

It was the exact same station that we had gone to outside of . . . in Jupiter’s orbit. He had, after that, he had been taken directly out to Saturn, which had an exact duplicate base or station that we had gone to around Jupiter that we had meetings with the Super Federation group.

This . . . But when he went to this, it was the same thing. He went through this, not really a portal, but some sort of a time anomaly to where you have to go in and come out the same way. He went . . . They went in the same way. They docked. There were no other vessels. There was nobody in that station at all.

And she took him to the exact meeting room that we had been in where everyone would sit in these horseshoe shaped areas where they were assigned. And he saw one of these beings again that was out at the Venus location.

And once again, he was told that he lacked humility. And he couldn’t go ahead with the meeting.

David: So I want to double click on Venus a little bit here, because I have had an incredibly hard time getting any information about any unusual activity going on in this planet, around this planet, at all.

Corey: It’s mostly a no fly zone for various SSP groups.

David: So let me tell you what I have heard from various insiders whose testimony corroborates with yours, and we’ll just take it from there.

First of all, I talked to Pete Peterson about it, and from his level of need to know, that’s a very important point for everybody to remember, ‘his level of need to know’, he was told that the planet is very hot because of all the clouds and that the only . . . that there are some developments from our Space Program there, but they have to be staffed by androids, because humans can’t handle the heat.

That’s what he was told, that everything that’s there is run by basically robotic humanoids and not people, because the temperature is so sweltering.

Corey: Yeah. Well, we have bases that are floating in the clouds of Venus.

David: ‘We’ as in the Space Program?

Corey: The Space Program.

David: And you knew that while you were in Solar Warden?

Corey: Yes. I had read about those facilities.

David: Okay. Could you tell us a little bit about what they are? What they did?

Corey: Well, they were research. They were listed as research facilities that were somehow suspended in the clouds of Venus and that there were also some on the ground that were built pretty much just like the high pressure underwater bases.

Would you like to hear what Gonzales said . . . reported that he saw?

David: Yeah. Yeah.

Corey: Him and the Anshar bus craft and Kaaree . . .

David: Now when did he report this to you, first of all? Or did you get this from Kaaree?

Corey: They both reported it to me when they were both sitting in the . . .

David: In the Construct?

Corey: In the Construct.

David: All right. So what did Gonzales tell you in the Construct happened to him?

Corey: He stated that they entered Venus’ atmosphere and . . .

David: Was he in the Anshar bus craft?

Corey: Yes.

David: Okay.

Corey: They entered the Venus atmosphere, and when they got down to the area where the clouds broke, and all of a sudden these holograms just sort of phew, phew, over these different areas. And there were these . . .

David: I don’t know what you mean by ‘phew, phew’.

Corey: Well, they just . . . They turned off.

David: The holograms turned off.

Corey: Yeah, hologram, like camouflage holograms that were covering . . .

David: So what you’re seeing without the holograms . . . with the holograms in place (it) just looks like a regular, ordinary, barren planet surface?

Corey: Just geology.

David: Okay.

Corey: He could see these very large, very large H-shaped buildings, and flew down, went down into the ground of Venus and traveled a little ways before they landed in a cavern. And this one that he went to was a working outpost. So . . .

David: For who?

Corey: For the Ancient Builder Race. This was Ancient Builder technology.

David: So the Ancient Builder Race did not leave.

Corey: Well, the technology was still working.

David: Wow!

Corey: Yes. Once they had landed and disembarked from the craft, he was told to wait at the entrance – not to come in. And Kaaree and two others, probably the pilots, walked in to this arch area that he could just see a piece of kind of an angled glass-like structure going up. And he couldn’t make out the rest of the structure.

And they walked inside . . .

David: And it was of colossal size?

Corey: Colossal size.

David: Wow!

Corey: So Gonzales is waiting in the area where they had landed, but watching. And they walked in, and all of a sudden the . . . everything lit up. The glass got darker, and then started to have all these symbols appearing, all going all the way up the . . . It’s like an A-frame, I guess, going up like this. And all these symbols started appearing.

And one that he could make out he said looked like a backwards E that had a little G thing on the bottom.

David: Hmm.

Corey: A symbol he had never seen before. And that’s the one that really stuck in his head. The rest were real small, and they would just – ‘phit, phit’ – appear and disappear, just all up and down this thing.

David: Now, how does this match up with other cool stuff that Gonzales has seen? He’s obviously been to a variety of star systems. He’s seen all kinds of extraterrestrial constructs.

Corey: This was a big deal.

David: Was he blown away by this?

Corey: Yes. No one had heard of any working Ancient Builder Race technology, or any that was not just destroyed or had been visited and picked at. Scavenged.

David: But this seems to have been protected by holograms, and very much active. It hadn’t been smashed by meteors. It was still working just fine.

Corey: Correct.

David: So he’s blown away. He’s tripping out from this.

Corey: Yeah. He was very excited.

David: But you were supposed to be there with him, weren’t you?

Corey: Correct.

David: But he is now playing this dodgy game and didn’t invite you.

Corey: Right.

David: So what happens next? He sees all these symbols on the wall.

Corey: He saw . . . You know, the three Anshar came back, and Kaaree said that they refused to . . . and he could see the being that they were conversing with.

David: And what did that look like?

Corey: It was a 12 to 14 foot tall completely white being, white clothes. And that’s from that distance. That’s . . . you know, he said that its . . . It had a head that had a very interesting nose that came down that reminded him of the Easter Island heads.

David: Oh, like the Moai.

Corey: Yeah. It was kind of similar. Not exactly.

David: Hmm.

Corey: So he was pretty excited. And then the Anshar walked up, and Kaaree told him that he would not be entering the facility or the outpost because the guardian of the outpost had told him that . . . or they called him a sentinel.

The sentinel had said that Gonzales lacked humility.

David: Okay. I think a lot of people may be confused at this point, because you told us before that the Ancient Builder Race folks are long gone.

Corey: Mhmm.

David: They left behind a whole bunch of ruins, including these little tablets that can create stasis fields where you hopscotch through 10,000 years.

Now you’re saying that there is a being that looks like Easter Island that’s 12 feet tall that’s still there hanging out for two billion years?

Corey: Yes, but it seemed to have been materialized or projected from this outpost.

David: Right. Like the same thing with the holographic projections of clouds, and then these projections of symbols.

Corey: Right.

David: So this may not have been a living being . . .

Corey: Yeah, it was not . . .

David: . . . as much as some sort of . . .

Corey: . . . a flesh and blood living . .

David: . . . super high tech repository of . . .

Corey: Projection.

David: Wow!

Corey: So after that, they left. And he again had talked his way, and I talked about what had happened around Saturn. And that was a real short non-meeting, because he was told again he lacked humility and was turned away.

David: This would have been a meeting with the Super Federation and it took place in the same room?

Corey: No. This was a totally different station that was an exact duplicate of the station that the Super Federation was meeting on. But this one was not . . . The second one was outside of Saturn, not Jupiter.

David: Oh. You were supposed to be there with him, and he had outfoxed you somehow.

Corey: Yes. And at that location, they asked to meet with the name that they call me.

David: Okay. Now, . . . and I know you can’t say what that is, and I respect that. The Blue Avians have only ever spoken to the SSP Alliance through you . . .

Corey: And Gonzales.

David: And through Gonzales. Now he’s cutting you out of the deal. But did the Blue Avians tell him to cut you out of the deal, or did he just make this decision on his own?

Corey: That was his own. He was in a reactionary state.

David: Sure. So both of these meetings get blown, and they don’t happen. Let’s go to the next part of the story. What happens at this point?

Corey: He is taken back to the Anshar city. And it was very shortly after that that he had officially worn out his welcome and was sent back to the Kuiper belt base.

And that’s where he’s remained as . . . until he . . . I was told that he went off for healing with the Mayan group.

David: And that’s interesting, because I remember back when you were still on good terms with him that he had warned you at one point that you might not see him much longer.

Corey: The way he stated it was if he were to disappear and no longer . . . and didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, that I should understand that he has gone . . . It was his turn to go in with the Mayan group for healing – the healing technology they have.

David: It’s really kind of sad that this ended up happening the way that it did. You and Gonzales were good buddies, and now he’s basically trying to stab you in the back. And I think a lot of people watching this show, they might want to have had a very benevolent view of Gonzales. They’ve seen him as a hero. They like him.

Corey: I like him. I mean, he was . . . He’s just in a triggered state. He’s, you know, upset.

David: Did he have . . . I don’t know if you can say this, but I guess since he’s outed now and they know who he is, I mean, did he have family here on Earth? Did he have to . . . Did he, like, lose people?

Corey: He told me that he didn’t have family, but later on he said that there were people he cared about that he was worried about.

David: Hmm.

Corey: But he was not going to give me any specifics about people close to him.

David: But you said that he had this very important job liaising with the Earth Alliance, and that he was of critical importance in this whole SSP Alliance plan to try to get Full Disclosure on Earth.

Corey: Yes.

David: So he himself apparently just couldn’t forgive you for what had happened here.

Corey: Yeah, he . . . One of his friends and colleagues was dead, and another one was missing, and he was outed and could no longer perform his job.

David: We’ve also heard from you before that there has been a breakdown in communication between the SSP Alliance and the Earth. And you mentioned in the previous episode something really fascinating which I hadn’t understood until we were doing this on camera, that the SSP Alliance couldn’t just show up on Earth whenever they wanted, that they had to do all of this stuff they were doing covertly.

Corey: Yes. Some of it was done covertly, but they were doing a lot of it overtly. They were getting clearance to land at the LOC (Lunar Operations Command). You can’t just land at theLOC and disembark a bunch of people and go into a meeting room.

David: Right.

Corey: So, they . . . Until they were outed, they had a lot more, I guess, ability to move around.

David: So what do you . . .

Corey: And during this time, the Anshar were really working on trying to get a meeting with the Super Federation, the Draco, and other groups that had signed this what they called that Muhammad Accord that would allow them to interact with humans more openly.

All the signatories of this treaty had to agree to change it to ratify it.

David: This involved the evil and the good groups all having to form a treaty with each other?

Corey: All groups present in the solar system that were in competition, had different agendas. They were up until the . . . supposedly up until the time just after Muhammad, they were appearing to people and having open conflict in the skies.

And this treaty stated that they would allow humanity to develop on its own overtly, and they would only covertly manipulate and puppeteer the leaders.

David: Why do you think both the good guys and the bad guys would agree to something like this?…

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Source: Cosmic Disclosure: From Venus to Antarctica – Sphere-Being Alliance


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