DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The World Has Had It

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Video: The World Has Had It – YouTube

As the White House orders the death of Trump, Erdogan, Putin and Medvedev all on the same day and fails at all 4 attempts

The world has had it with these Evil little trolls obeying their Masters in London destroying the planet

So what are we seeing?

1) We see Bikers all over Cleveland protecting the Republican National Convention as Donald Trump heads for the White House.

Coming from all over the nations these Bikers have spread out across Cleveland to Increase the Footprint of the Law Enforcement Community. It is, after all, legal in almost all states to open carry a firearm.

If the Obama funded Hells Angels and Black Lives Matter agitators do actually show up – like they promised – my guess is they will have their faces stomped into the ground.

There are just too many bikers there.

Not even Homeland Security Snipers could get away with picking off the Bikers like they have done in the past. This time the Bikers are ready for this, and many of them are former Infantry and know how to deal with Obama’s Snipers and Murderers.

Allot of these bikers have jobs, run businesses, and are very clean cut. Yes – there are the exceptions – but to own a $30,000 motorcycle takes money and these are no slouches. Despite what the Main Stream Media shows us.

America has had it with this US FASCIST State

As a side note

The local police refused to arrest the 40 Naked Women protesting the Republicans

That is the best Obama could do
2) EU – what we are seeing is the dissolving of the Euro Nation State – as witnessed by the BREXIT vote.

Before the European Union began I was briefed that most of Europe would form a union but England would never really be part of it. The EU would rise and then fall apart as their Dollar fell in value, then would come the collapse of the dollar and a world wide depression – pitting Christians against Muslims —- leading to the World Wide Religion worshipping Lucifer.

This is all planned by the Rothchlds and the Catholic Leadership in Rome the Unholy Alliance

The world is waking up and people are beginning to rebel – as we saw in the BREXIT vote. These Lucifarians on top can no longer do anything without being exposed for the Evil they are.
It’s all coming out and people are becoming furious. Their empire is collapsing

In the Hermitage sit’s the Original Madonna Painting showing the Ten Stars of the Unified Europe the SU Flag has 12 stars – the FAKE European Union.

3) Turkish Coup:

This is a little more complicated.

President Erdogen of Turkey holds a loose coalition of many different regions together under what one would call One Religion – Mohamidians – Islam.

The United States has fostered religious rebellion across the Middle East – and plans to break off the Eastern Half of Turkey and call in Kurdistan.

Further – under the NATO treaties the Turkish Government must fund the Western Teachings – things like GOD does not exist, Homosexuality is OK, Women are superior to Men, and a whole lot of other teachings that are anti Muslim.

As  a NATO nation Turkey must follow those orders coming from Washington DC – so do the other NATO member Nations – all treaties are run out of the White House (CIA Langley Boys).

Now that the Rothchilds have sponsored the sending to the Middle Eastern Criminals to central Europe to murder and Rape President  Erdogan has a [pretty loyal population and he can go back to re-creating a Muslim Nation

Erdogan knew a CIA Coup was coming so he fostered his own coup and is now in the process of purging the nation of the “Satanic” Influence that has been fostered onto his nation.

To this end he is firing all teachers and University Professors and many judges that have followed these Satanic teachings.

It was not President  Erdogen the West was after but President Putin.

That is the real prize

So the Coup as the Backdrop to kill President Putin and Prime Minister Medvedev all on the same day

That is why Putin and Medvedev headed for cover the day of the Coup we warned them

So the Turkish Coup that was set off by Erdogan was created to purge the nation of Western (Satanic/Lucifarian) influence, bring Turkey and Russia closer together and stop the US from breaking Turkey in half

THE US tried to use it to topple Russia on the same day

Turkish and Russian leadership is Furious at President Obama’s Handlers

There will be retaliation

The Cold War Goes On – Sponsored by the Unholy Alliance



So the White House ordered the death of Trump, Erdogan, Putin and Medvedev all on the same day to support their Military Industrial Complex

Evil Is As Evil Does
Pray that these evil people on top change and they turn to GOD

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

The red represents the Ukraine – which cannot join NATO because their Electrical Power Grid is a Frikkin Mess – you should see it.

Map of NATO


Trump Sign:

Euro Nation Flag – 12 nations:::

European Union – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background

Circle of 12 gold stars on a blue background


Palace Square (Dvortsovaya Ploshchad): wow

Enlargement of NATO – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


CIA Pilots Who Downed Russian Warplane And Targeted Erdogan For Death Arrested In Turkey

‘Bikers for Trump’ are rolling in to Cleveland – CNNPolitics.com

Erdogan Wages War on Professors, Scholars Fight Back for Academic Freedom

European Union – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Palace Square – Picture of Palace Square (Dvortsovaya Ploshchad), St. Petersburg – TripAdvisor

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Source: DR WILLIAM MOUNT: The World Has Had It


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