A Note from Kp 7-24-16 | Kauilapele’s Blog

[Kp language note: there are a few “shits” in here, which I thought I might try to “finagle” out, but I felt they really conveyed my current Inner Self more effectively than language “polite and proper”.]

A Note from Kp 7-24-16

There are some who speak about the “goodness” of people or the “evilness” of people… the “goodness” of this or the “evilness” of that. But all of that is bullshit. This whole planet, in fact this whole visible hearable touchable creation, is an illusion. A hologram. And we have complete authority and choice of and over this hologram and how it BE in our lives.

When Poof or Zap or Ben Fulford or Jim Dean or Preston James or anyone else speak about the “goodness” or “evilness” of this person that person this group that group this religion that religion, that again, is bullshit.

We are all part of a unity that includes everyone. And those who play a darker role are as important as those who play a light role. That’s the nature of the hologram.

Those who want to continue promoting the illusion of “good” and “evil”, are not really doing us anything useful. Just helping continue the illusion.

I personally don’t give a shit whether there is a reevaluation or reset or currency this or currency that. All bullshit. And that doesn’t mean it won’t take place. And that does not mean it is not a “helping device” for the planet.

But it’s not mine to figure all that out. Period.

I’m personally right now feeling very drained about re-blogging this article, that article, this person, that person, Isil this, Islam that, false flag this, false flag that, Hillary this, Trump that, Bernie this, any other politician that, government this, government that…

In the end, from my view, I’m here for one thing… to work and BE with energy. To work and BE with “The Energies”.

And I cannot explain what that is. If you know what I’m speaking of, you’ll know what I’m speaking of.

All these things started coming after the 7-20-16 Kīlauea mission. That’s when it all began. It was a 9-9, and the ceremony was at 3:33 PM, another 9.

“Completion” up the “wazoo” (and I leave it to each to define “wazoo”).

Sometimes it’s “completion” for something planetary, sometimes for something locally, sometimes for something personally. Maybe it’s all three (or more) from the 7-20-16 Kīlauea mission.

Where all this goes from here, personally, I’m not sure. But it will become clear. And all will be well.

Aloha, KP

Source: A Note from Kp 7-24-16 | Kauilapele’s Blog


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